Promoting your Affiliate Program with Directories- Part II

Written by Merle

n part 1 we had discussed some options for setting up your own associate program. Now, in part II we'll look at what you need to do to getrepparttar word out to those who may be interested in signing up as an affiliate in your new venture.

The best place to start is to list your program withrepparttar 102657 directories that exist for just this purpose. If you do some research you'll find many "associate directories" to list with. Since these directories are usuallyrepparttar 102658 first stop people make when looking for an affiliate program to join, getting listed with as many of them as possible will work to your advantage and make it easier for them find you and what you have to offer.

Here are some ofrepparttar 102659 best directories that you can list your program's details with absolutely free.

1) Associate Programs

You must first drill down torepparttar 102660 proper category to make your free submission. Make sure you fill in as much detail as possible and make it good as over half ofrepparttar 102661 submissions are rejected. This site isrepparttar 102662 gospel for associate programs so you really want to get listed her.


The most comprehensive affiliate directory online. You'll get some great exposure by listing your program here- absolutely free.

3) Affiliate Channel

Fill inrepparttar 102663 short form and you're good to go. All submissions are reviewed by a live human so make it good.

4) Affiliates Directory

Billing itself as "The Net's Largest Affiliate Program Directory". Free listing as long as your program has a website and is not MLM.

5) Affiliate Find

Fill inrepparttar 102664 short form to have your site listed in a flash.

6) Associate-It

Free to get listed but they do ask you to followrepparttar 102665 guidelines when submitting and for a link back to their site.

To Buy or Not to Buy? A Money-Making Tip for Affiliates

Written by Angela Wu

A few days ago, a member of one of my affiliate program downlines contacted me with this email:

'I've been promoting this product for nearly 5 months now and I haven't sold anything. I've tried everything you can think of! I'm about ready to give up. Do you have any suggestions?'

After looking at his website and a couple of his ads, I wrote back with a simple question:

'Did you buyrepparttar product yourself?'

His answer: No.

Maybe I'm coming from a biased point of view (as his affiliate sponsor), but to me, it was obvious that he didn't knowrepparttar 102656 product very well.

Most people don't want to believe it, but one ofrepparttar 102657 best ways to sell an affiliate product is to *buyrepparttar 102658 product*, use it, and then provide a personal testimonial (assuming it deserves one, of course).

'But that costs money!' some people moan. Yes, it does; but so does wasted advertising dollars and effort. You're in business, remember? The phrase, 'you have to spend money to make money' is well-known for a reason: it's true.

Oh, you don't have a spend a lot; that'srepparttar 102659 beauty of repparttar 102660 Internet. But think of it this way: why should your visitors buy a product that you wouldn't buy yourself? Investing inrepparttar 102661 product gives you several advantages that you can use towards making more sales ...

* You'll have first-hand knowledge ofrepparttar 102662 product or service, and can answer most questions that come your way.

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