Promoting Your Work through Press Releases and Conferences

Written by Shonda Ponder

The, by far, best way to get your information out torepparttar public is by using press releases. Every organization should have a press release page on it's web site, dedicated to only press releases. This is sorepparttar 125047 media will not have to wade through a bunch of stuff that they can't use in order to do a story on you.

There are several types of press releases that should be utilized by organizations:

There are media advisories. Media Advisories tellrepparttar 125048 media, basically, where you are going to be at a certain time and date and why you will be there. It also serves to inviterepparttar 125049 media to a press conference at specific locations and times.

Press conferences are events that are held by organizations specifically withrepparttar 125050 media in mind. An organization invitesrepparttar 125051 media to attend a gathering, whererepparttar 125052 PR Representative andrepparttar 125053 Chairman of that organization, along with other notable active members will attend to answer questions and conduct interviews withrepparttar 125054 media. When doing this, an organization would do good to have their own sound equipment so that large crowds can hear what they have to say.

A press release can also takerepparttar 125055 form of an official statement byrepparttar 125056 chairman of that organization on a specific issue. The statement will be sent to all ofrepparttar 125057 interested media for quote-gathering for stories. Most congressmen use this method regularly.

Another form a press release can take is inrepparttar 125058 form of an article. An article is basically a news report based on facts that that organization has gathered. When using this method, it is best to leaverepparttar 125059 organization's personal opinions out ofrepparttar 125060 article.

Press releases, written in article-style, should never userepparttar 125061 words we, us, me, my, or our or any other first person pronouns. These pronouns are only suitable in personal statements about issues, or when promoting a press conference by an individual.

Article-style press releases givesrepparttar 125062 publication enough information that they could, if they so choose, take that specific article fromrepparttar 125063 release and post it in their news section. And, because it is a press release,repparttar 125064 publication reservesrepparttar 125065 right to edit, change any information, or not change any information and still takerepparttar 125066 credit forrepparttar 125067 news item -- unless specific instructions are given inrepparttar 125068 release not to do so. However, remember that when tying a publication's hands with restrictions on your work, you narrowrepparttar 125069 chances of your organization getting published at all. A press release, after all, is a RELEASE of that information torepparttar 125070 public. This means that it is not copyrighted. If you wish to protect your work, do not send it inrepparttar 125071 form of a press release, and do not addrepparttar 125072 words "For release" or "to be released" etc. to it.

Which Is More Profitable: 'High-Touch' Or 'High-Tech'?

Written by Paula Morrow

Connecting to your customers inrepparttar go-go world of online marketing can be difficult. The online environment has, unfortunately, earned a reputation of being cold, distant and impersonal. As a result, people feel free to click off, delete and ignore your offers with wild abandon. And minimal guilt.

Without a personal connection, you risk losing more than just a sale - your long-term business could be at stake. Everyone speaks of creating a USP - if you can't compete on price, why not make your mark inrepparttar 125046 'high touch' arena of customer service?

By takingrepparttar 125047 time to transform a cold 'high tech' experience to one of 'high touch,' you'll set yourself apart fromrepparttar 125048 crowd and create something rarely seen: customer loyalty.

So, how to proceed?

*Commit To Ensuring That Everything Works

Minimize customer frustration by making sure that everything on your web site is working. There's nothing like a broken link to make customer enthusiasm fizzle.

*Keep In Touch!

Sounds simple, but inrepparttar 125049 rush to makerepparttar 125050 next sale, placerepparttar 125051 next ad, or findrepparttar 125052 next J/V partner, people forget to keep in touch with their own list. Make them feel you've not forgotten them.

Every so often, send a free report, a special notice, a 'customer only' bonus. Don't make it seem likerepparttar 125053 only time you contact them is when you want to sell them something.

*Personalize As Much As Possible

There is a wealth of online software available to make this process easier. At a bare minimum, always personalize emails withrepparttar 125054 recipient's first name!

Also try to collect personal information to give you an added excuse to check in with your customers. Gather birthdays, last product purchased, etc.

*Give Yourself A Time Limit For Responses If someone contacts you with a question or concern, get back to them within 48 hours (if not sooner).

Give yourself a drop-dead date and then stick to it.

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