Promoting Your Online Business -a Checklist of Effective and Affordable Marketing Techniques(Part 1)

Written by Angela Wu

The Internet's full of hyped-up promises ofrepparttar 'ultimate' marketing secret that will singlehandedly skyrocket your business to instant success.

Naturally, this is ALL it is: hype. There's no single 'secret' that will magically transform a fledgling business into a powerful money-maker. Instead, every business owner is responsible for testing and refining various techniques until he or she has developed a solid, effective base that producesrepparttar 125036 desired results.

What works for one business may not work for another! Likewise, another business may have poor results with one method, while others experience great success. Here's a quick checklist of some ofrepparttar 125037 more popular -- and completely free -- marketing techniques to help you build your online business (note: this is a 3-part series).


1. Build and use your own opt-in list of targeted and interested prospects. Offer a free newsletter that provides fresh, interesting, and relevant content. You'll receive feedback from your readers about what's important to them, and over time they'll come to know and trust you. Your products, services, and even recommendations will then be taken much more seriously because you've developed credibility with your readers.

2. Contribute to newsgroups or discussion boards. Establish yourself as a helpful member of a community. Other members ofrepparttar 125038 community who come to know and respect you will often refer you to others.

3. Niche directories or search engines. Find allrepparttar 125039 highly-targeted directories and SEs for your market, and then work to get listed. You'll be surprised at how many niche sites there are! Good places to start looking are and .

4. Build your link popularity. For example, you can trade links with other businesses in your market so that you can 'share' each other's traffic. Most ofrepparttar 125040 major search engines take link popularity into consideration when ranking your site.

5. Endorsed mailings to other lists. Findrepparttar 125041 editor of a great newsletter, and offer your product or service to him for free in return for a review or an endorsed ad to his list. Endorsements fromrepparttar 125042 editor can far outperform regular 'ads', since they come from someone they know and trust (the editor).

6. Testimonials. It's fine for you to say that your product or service is wonderful... but there's far more 'punch' when someone else says it! Testimonials show prospects that you have happy customers and helps them to make repparttar 125043 decision to buy.

7. Use autoresponders to follow-up with your prospects. It has been proven time and time again that autoresponders can dramatically increase your profits! They're also great time-savers, saving you from following up with each prospect manually.

8. Ad swaps. You can get extra exposure for 'free' (no out-of-pocket expenses) by swapping ad space with another editor that caters to your audience. Plus it's a great way to put 'remnant' ad space to good use.

Search Engine Submissions. Do it yourself.

Written by Jenny Rodriguez

Search Engine Submissions. Do it yourself. By Jenny Rodriguez

Designing and publishing your website it is justrepparttar beginning. Here comesrepparttar 125035 next step, which is promotion. That is right,repparttar 125036 fun part is over, and here comesrepparttar 125037 hard work. You need to start building traffic to your site. How you are going to do that? Big question, right? Don't worry, and keep reading. A good way to attract visitors to readrepparttar 125038 information you have published is by submitting your website to search engines. Search engines arerepparttar 125039 first place most ofrepparttar 125040 new Internet users go to when searching for information. This is very important because new comers are very open torepparttar 125041 Internet and your initial "sales pitch". Before you start submitting to different search engines, let’s make sure that your site is ready for submission to search engines. Remember that you need to do this right allrepparttar 125042 way fromrepparttar 125043 beginning. Before you start promoting your site, checkrepparttar 125044 following information: •It is your site complete?. Having those “under construction” signs it is a traffic-killer, and most search engines will reject sites that are still under constructions. •Check for bad links. Make sure that there is no broken links on your site. •The most important part is to make sure thatrepparttar 125045 TITLE and META tags are included in all your site’s pages. Your TITLE isrepparttar 125046 description of your site, and should be good to also include some keywords. Your META keywords tag contains keywords, which further describerepparttar 125047 site. It is important to includerepparttar 125048 TITLE and META keywords on all your pages, because search engines userepparttar 125049 description and keywords when indexing your site. META tags also contain words that can help visitors to find your site when doing a search. If you don't have META tags,repparttar 125050 search engines will simply chooserepparttar 125051 first couple hundred words on your page and create its own description. This is a good example:

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