Promote Your Web Site - NOW! - In Time For Christmas

Written by Steve Nash

Christmas is coming, and NOW isrepparttar time to plan your site promotion efforts. This article covers some basic but important methods of promoting your website in time for this lucrative holiday season...

.. A client got in touch with me last week concerned aboutrepparttar 125153 approach of Christmas, andrepparttar 125154 fact that nothing had been done to promote their website (ever!). They simply wanted to know what options were available to promote their site, and how much it was going to cost.

I have reproduced my advice within this article (without associated costs, obviously). The advice is relevant to those of you who *are* actively promoting your websites too. (Always be careful, however, not to promoterepparttar 125155 same page too often torepparttar 125156 same search engine or directory!)

<== Advice begins...

Dear Concerned Client,

Following on from Friday's telephone conversation about promoting your site, I have summarisedrepparttar 125157 possible options you might want to take. The options are as follows:

1) BASIC site submission.

This does not *guarantee* extra site traffic. A listing onrepparttar 125158 major search engines and directories is absolutely necessary, nevertheless, to provide at leastrepparttar 125159 chance of search engine traffic. Activities include:

* Determination of suitable keywords and site description; use in search engine (and directory) submissions.

* Hand submission of site to 10-20 major search engines including Google and other major UK search engines

* Automatic submission to 50+ directories

* Hand submission to DMOZ and Lycos human-edited directories

* Hand submission to 10-20 UK shopping guides. (Not all guides will listrepparttar 125160 site for free. Some require you create a reciprocal link, whilst others require a listing payment or an affiliate program to join (so there is at least repparttar 125161 possibility of earning income).

* Automatic submission of one web page to major search engines via Inktomi. This guaranteesrepparttar 125162 web page will be listed on several search engines within 48 hours. (Page listing is refreshed every 48 hours for 1 year thereafter.) It does *not* guarantee a good listing, however.

- - -

2) BASIC search engine report.

A simple report can be generated each month, that determines search engine ranking for 5-10 specific keywords; e.g. 'key word 1', 'key words 2', 'key words 3' etc. (These keywords would be determined in option 1) above.) There are many sites that allow you to do this yourself. My favourite tool can be found at


3) Create a LINKS PAGE.

Create a links page and engage in an active reciprocal linking campaign. The ideal solution would be to swap links with sites that already rank well for your chosen keywords. This process can be automated a little with free scripts found at


Good link-swapping strategies can be found in this article -

4) Start a pay-per-click search engine campaign (ADVANCED)

Pay-per-click search engines allow you to automatically rank well on a search engine for any keyword you choose. You simply bid for a keyword and if your bid is highest your site ranks highest onrepparttar 125163 search engine. You simply payrepparttar 125164 cost ofrepparttar 125165 bid for each click your site receives.


Written by Joel Weiner

Recent publicity suggest that Link Exchanges are being frowned upon byrepparttar search engines, and sometimes even penalizing those that misuse this particular tool.. Here is whatrepparttar 125152 search engines are formally stating: "...participation in certain services to artificially inflate link popularity.." ".. we pay attention to products that automate link management, check site ranking, cloak, generate automatic doorways, etc. And, people who abuse those tools may run afoul of scoring in justrepparttar 125153 same way as people who do unethical things by hand.. " What's springing up aroundrepparttar 125154 Internet are Free-for-All type link exchanges. You put your link in a page that everyone is supposed to copy and update once a month, to a page on your website. So you have 400 links on a page, all jumbled up, no ordered organization, total link chaos and this is attached to your website with your domain name embedded intorepparttar 125155 URL address for all to see. This is supposed to look like everyone included has links pointing to and from them. Supposedly this will createrepparttar 125156 look of popularity withrepparttar 125157 search engines, thus sendingrepparttar 125158 webmaster repparttar 125159 traffic they so desperately need to survive. Now along comerepparttar 125160 search engine robots, which arerepparttar 125161 most sophisticated machines ever known to man, infused with millions of dollars of development money, pretty much all-knowing of every keyword onrepparttar 125162 Internet andrepparttar 125163 pages to which they belong, running on banks of super computers, sitting atrepparttar 125164 apex of giga giga giga bytes of storage. Besides just link popularity, these machines do correlational calculations, linking themes or subjects together.

Search Engine robots understand which keywords belong to each website and haverepparttar 125165 ability to do statistical correlation which is common in most languages used to create these programs. A quick query to it's database and it comes up with a score of how closely you are in theme-tightness torepparttar 125166 sites you are linking to and perhaps even how tightly-themed those sites you are linked to, are torepparttar 125167 ones linked to on their websites. The more tightly-themed your score means that you are only including websites in your link pages that match or have something to do withrepparttar 125168 theme of your website. What we have here inrepparttar 125169 case of free-for-all link pages is total link chaos. No organization to it at all. Of course these sites using these methods will be punished.

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