Promote Your Site with Internet Radio

Written by Quentin Brown

By Quentin Brown (c) October, 2004

Internet radio is just broadcast quality content being streamed overrepparttar internet. That is it, nothing more.

There are 2 variations, and both are considered internet radio. One version is live content being streamed in real time based on a time schedule, but in reality that is not really necessary or cost effective for that matter. What I believe to berepparttar 131679 next wave of useful marketing tactics using audio onrepparttar 131680 web, is building a niche internet radio station which will have tremendous marketing and audience building potential. It will be inrepparttar 131681 broadcaster's best interest to produce killer-archived content and post that regularly to stream on demand for their listeners.

This is so easy and cost effective to do, and does not requirerepparttar 131682 live production techniques of traditional radio, norrepparttar 131683 high costs and server infrastructure of live feed internet audio streaming. Be aware live streaming can be done through web companies such as or, and many other others that haverepparttar 131684 data centers to multicast audio streams in real time.

Internet radio needs only to be great audio content available upon demand online, and I see it as an incredible opportunity for marketers of niche products and services to create to build audience or traffic to their online offerings.

The model of radio has been working and profitable for years. The only difference between WABC radio and is they have an audience (akin to web traffic) and they are pros at producing audience attracting audio content that they broadcast 24 hours a day to a limited area geographically. With your dot com, and on demand radio streaming you can broadcast audience-attracting audio content just as good as theirs, broadcast it on demand to anywhere inrepparttar 131685 world, and make profits with niches where they can't.

Example: Fly fishing radio, Pottery artistís radio, Swing trading radio, Hair coloring tips radio, thousands of other possible niches would fail horribly in traditional radio broadcast models, but niches thrive onrepparttar 131686 internet, and so does niche internet radio. Oncerepparttar 131687 audience is built, if yours is not already, allrepparttar 131688 profitable techniques of traditional radio apply.

It would not be spam in an internet radio program to advertise and direct listeners to online offers. You could run allrepparttar 131689 audio ads you want. But be careful, people are 1 click away from not listening. Yet, we are conditioned to hear, "This program is brought to you by XYZ advertiser" and 8 minutes of every hour, radio plays commercials, and you could dorepparttar 131690 same on Internet radio programming.

Increase Your PageRank on Google

Written by Jamie Ratliff

As webmasters, most of us are aware ofrepparttar Google PageRank system. As Google continues to improverepparttar 131677 PageRank system, webmasters must continously try to keep their websites ranking high. Unfortunately, many will use techniques that are not quite legitimate. So, what should you be doing to improve your page rank results?

1.) Write "useful" content for your website that others will find helpful. Allow other webmasters to userepparttar 131678 content on their own website with a link back to yours.

2.) Avoid cheating. Sure, you may cheat and see an increase in your PageRank, but you can be sure Google is getting better at catching these and will eventually find out. This may result in a lower pagerank, or even all out removal fromrepparttar 131679 Google search system.

3.) Be patient. Don't resubmit your website every day just because you made a few changes. You will find that once your website has been around a while, Google will do a pretty good job of updating their engine. If it has been a few months andrepparttar 131680 GoogleBot has not come to visit, then you should probably resubmit.

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