Promote Your Site Every Day

Written by Steve Nash

You want traffic at your site, but with so many new websites added every day it isn't easy. The only solution is to promote your site, each and every day...

Here are 7 promotion methods for you to try, one for each day ofrepparttar week:

=> Day 1 - Submit Your Site To A Search Engine

No big surprises with this promotion method; just submit your site to a new search engine, or directory. It is best to concentrate onrepparttar 125112 major search engines and directories, and add your site to minor search engines as and when you discover them.

Do try to keep a log of just when and where you submit your site.

- -

=> Day 2 - Post A Newsgroup Discussion

There are newsgroups, bulletin boards or forums on just about every subject imaginable. A good place to start is which allows you to search all ofrepparttar 125113 Usenet newsgroups for a particular term or phrase.

Post a message online, via Google, or offline using Outlook Express (or similar). Followrepparttar 125114 forum or newsgroup guidelines, when you start a discussion or answer someone's query. It *is* okay to mention your website in a 2-line signature, though.

Newsgroups and forums also prove a good place for you to get known and develop trust.

=> Day 3 - Swap Links With Other Sites

Links makerepparttar 125115 World Wide Web go around; they also improve your search-engine ranking! One way of achieving lots of links to your site is to swap links with other sites. There is an excellent article on link-swapping at but basically:

- Identify sites with similar content to yours - Request a reciprocal link (be polite, and use webmaster's name) - Create a "Links" section on your site and putrepparttar 125116 links there.

=> Day 4 - Write A Testimonial

Writing favourable comments - testimonials - about another website could make you an instant online friend (we all respond well to flattery after all!). This could lead to a link-swap or even a possible joint venture (see Day 6).

Just review their website (or product), and write aboutrepparttar 125117 benefits you gain fromrepparttar 125118 site in specific terms (so it sounds like you're actually talking about *their* site). Just be honest and tell them what you like.

Dazzle Your Visitors With Linkless Banners

Written by Polly Hummingbird

Dazzle Your Visitors With Linkless Banners by Polly Hummingbird

Publishing: Free publication. If you would like to publish this article in your ezine or newsletter, fill inrepparttar form atrepparttar 125111 bottom of this website:

Summary: Learn a new way of using banners that will help you promote your website.

Banners without links make great promotions!

Normally a banner has information about a website at another location. When you click onrepparttar 125112 banner it links you to this website and you must click 'Back' to return torepparttar 125113 page you were originally on. Even though this isrepparttar 125114 most common use of banners, it is notrepparttar 125115 ONLY one.

You can also create an animated banner for promotingrepparttar 125116 very website it is placed on. This banner has no link. It is called a "promotional image".

A promotional banner can be used to: a) provide an exciting title b) announce an upcoming event c) feature a new product or service d) send out a public message e) welcome visitors f) give an explanation or definition g) announce a feature article

You can place a linkless banner anywhere on a webpage: atrepparttar 125117 top, inrepparttar 125118 middle, torepparttar 125119 side, or atrepparttar 125120 bottom.

There are several websites onrepparttar 125121 Internet that allow you to create your own free animated banners. You can quickly create a banner and have it emailed to you as a "gif" file. Then you can uploadrepparttar 125122 image to your webpage in exactlyrepparttar 125123 same way that you would upload a photograph.

If you already know how to create your own animated banners, simply omitrepparttar 125124 link andrepparttar 125125 "click here" (or minimize it at best).

The following are step-by-step instructions on "how to create a linkless banner" usingrepparttar 125126 excellent services of Ad Designer.

Step 1 Visit Go torepparttar 125127 bottom ofrepparttar 125128 page and sign up for a free account. Once you get your password by email return torepparttar 125129 site. Click "DESIGN AN AD". Log in.

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