Progressive Health Affiliate Program

Written by Ratliff J.

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Rags to Riches on the Web

Written by Ratliff J.

Rags to Riches with Affiliate Programs.

If you do not know what an affiliate program is, it is simplyrepparttar process of merchants paying you to bring them sales or leads.

Here is why affiliate marketing is so easy and profitable:

1. Affiliate programs are free to join. The merchants do not charge you to become an affiliate, because they obviously want you to succeed.

2. Merchants spend hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in advertising, that very rarely results in a sale. Seen allrepparttar 136392 commercials on Television? Do you think everyone who see it will buyrepparttar 136393 product? Of course not!

3. Merchants love affiliate programs because they are able to pay you only if a sale is made. And because this advertising is a guaranteed sale for them, they are able to pay you very well, usually between 10-30%. They are happy to do so becauserepparttar 136394 sale has already been made.

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