Programming a Remote Control

Written by Kate Ivy and Gary Davis

Programmingrepparttar Remote Control

By Kate Ivy and Gary Davis

Webmasters: You may reprint this article in its entirety, providing you leaverepparttar 138205 Byline and Aboutrepparttar 138206 Author sections intact, includingrepparttar 138207 links to Dish Network Satellite TV. How To Program Your Remote Control

Are you struggling with that multi-button remote control? Can’t quite figure out which button does what? Not to fret. We’ve put together a simple little guide to get your programming project started.

First things first, different satellite units come with different remote controls, each with their own special list of features. Ultimately however, all of these unique remotes are designed to dorepparttar 138208 same thing – control your satellite unit. So whilerepparttar 138209 buttons may not be inrepparttar 138210 same place, there are still some one-size-fits-all basics for programming your remote.

Most remotes can control multiple devices, in addition torepparttar 138211 device it was made for. A DISH Network remote for example, can typically control up to four devices: your satellite receiver, your television, a VCR and one additional unit such as a second television, VCR or stereo receiver.

To program a particular device, turn it on and pressrepparttar 138212 corresponding button on your remote untilrepparttar 138213 appropriate light begins to flash:

The SAT button controlsrepparttar 138214 satellite unit.

The TV button controls your television set.

The VCR button controls your VCR.

The AUX button controlsrepparttar 138215 additional unit you want to add.

Satellite Better Than Cable?

Written by Kate Ivy and Gary Davis

Satellite Better Than Cable?

By Kate Ivy and Gary Davis

Webmasters: You may reprint this article in its entirety, providing you leaverepparttar Byline and Aboutrepparttar 138204 Author sections intact, includingrepparttar 138205 links to Dish Network Satellite TV. Is Satellite Really Better Than Cable?

Asrepparttar 138206 war in video entertainment continues, one thing is for sure: satellite television is here to stay.

Whenrepparttar 138207 satellite distributors first began marketing to consumers,repparttar 138208 cable industry didn’t give their new opponent much thought. Dishes were expensive, they were bulky and their program offerings weren’t all that impressive. Cable onrepparttar 138209 other hand had been around for more than a decade and offered a familiar and reliable solution to home entertainment.

But oh how things have changed.

The satellite industry quickly replaced those bulky dishes with sleeker, smaller systems that could be mounted just about anywhere. Prices dropped, programming grew and pretty soon, switching from cable to satellite wasn’t such a far-fetched idea after all.

Today,repparttar 138210 satellite industry enjoys a steady and continued growth in subscribers and services, gradually closingrepparttar 138211 gap in video entertainment market share. Whererepparttar 138212 cable industry has reported an annual growth between 10 to 15 percent, top satellite companies boast a market share increase of just under 30% according to a study from The Media Audit.

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