Profit from Your Idea

Written by Diane Garrod

Idea planning to come up with a moneymaking concept is much like creating a painting or writing a book. It starts with a blank canvas and visualization.

Brick by Brick

Write downrepparttar seed of your idea in one sentence. Describe three ways in which this idea could generate a profit. Ask yourself if this product, plan, or service will meet a need? Who will use it?

Use an exploration tool such asrepparttar 109030 following to brainstorm your idea:

Stick in there. Gather in a room with a blank wall or a whiteboard and give each participant a set of sticky notes. Then state your goal or idea. Let's sayrepparttar 109031 goal is to generate ideas for XYZ Division to increase productivity levels. Have everyone write down three to five solutions and stick them onrepparttar 109032 board.

The facilitators should then designate three appropriate categories, such as Immediate Action, Pre-Planning and Not Appropriate - or something similar - and haverepparttar 109033 participants come up and arrangerepparttar 109034 sticky notes intorepparttar 109035 appropriate categories. This is an excellent technique for finding out what everyone is thinking.

Hammer It Out

In this phase you'll produce a plan for implementing your idea. The following processes will help you definerepparttar 109036 practical details to address.

Strategy definition. Fromrepparttar 109037 analysis you did inrepparttar 109038 structuring phase above, you'll be able to identifyrepparttar 109039 resources you will need to implement these ideas, such as manpower. Doesrepparttar 109040 idea create a viable solution? Is it unique? Can you move quickly with it?


Written by Bill Rosoman

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