Professional Tips For An Instant Makeover

Written by Eileen Hammel

If you want to improve and enhance your appearance but don't want to wait till you lose weight, go through and recover from plastic surgery, or have enough money to buy a complete new wardrobe then try these five simple quick techniques that are used byrepparttar top professionals inrepparttar 150603 beauty and image industries to perform amazing makeovers. 1. Change your hair color - One ofrepparttar 150604 most effective ways to change and improve your personal appearance is to change your hair color. You don't even have to drastically changerepparttar 150605 color. By just changingrepparttar 150606 color one or two shade or with strategically placed highlights you can make an incredible difference.

2. Shape and groom your eyebrows - Celebrity makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin used to say "The perfectly groomed brow can changerepparttar 150607 face" and he was correct properly shaped and groomed eyebrows can visually change your face shape and instantly give you a non surgical eye lift.

3. Only wear clothes that fit properly - When your wear clothes that properly fit your body you will instantly appear pounds thinner. You should avoid clothes that cling, are so tight that they create bulges and bumps or clothes that are so large they hang off your body and balloon out. Select clothes that are slightly tailored and gently skim your body.

Your New Bra – Support the Right Size

Written by Robb Ksiazek

Eighty percent of women are rumored to be wearingrepparttar wrong bra size. That’s eight out of ten! They are facing discomfort and back pain that are unnecessary. Whether you are wearing your bras for supportive comfort, sex appeal, or nursing, it needs to fit right for it to function properly.

There are what seems like hundreds of companies that manufacture and sell bras, and there are just about as many sizing discrepancies. Bras are just like any other clothing item. Each company’s sizes are slightly different. The right size bra is more important than other apparel items, due torepparttar 150489 nature ofrepparttar 150490 product.

Getting properly sized for your bra can be accomplished in a couple ways. Lingerie stores will size your bra on your next trip to their store. Unfortunately, many women feel uncomfortable having a stranger size them.

Many women are now turning to internet lingerie stores for their shopping. Online intimate apparel companies embracerepparttar 150491 web because it creates a unique format for their customers. Women like to shop online for bras, panties, and stockings. It is discrete and convenient.

Shopping online does create a problem with sizing. Since you are not enteringrepparttar 150492 store to be sized, you have to take it upon yourself to getrepparttar 150493 right measurements. There is a simple equation for finding your proper bra size. Even though many companies will vary in size, it is stillrepparttar 150494 best option. The steps are easy:

  • Find a tailor’s tape forrepparttar 150495 measurement.
  • Measure aroundrepparttar 150496 ribcage, just underrepparttar 150497 breasts. This isrepparttar 150498 number portion ofrepparttar 150499 size. For example, it isrepparttar 150500 “34” inrepparttar 150501 size “34C.”
  • Measure aroundrepparttar 150502 breasts atrepparttar 150503 fullest part. Leave about half inch slack for comfort.
  • Add five inches torepparttar 150504 second number.
  • Subtract first number fromrepparttar 150505 second measurement number.

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