Professional SEO: Hand Off to Bob or Outsource the Job

Written by Scott Buresh

We are often asked if professional SEO (search engine optimization) can be done effectively utilizing in-house talent. Despite our obvious self-interests onrepparttar subject, our answer is always a qualified "yes"– you can achieve professional SEO results using existing talent. However, for every company we have known that has met with great in-house SEO success, we know of many more that have seen their in-house efforts fail. We have also discoveredrepparttar 145799 companies that have succeeded share some common traits.

If your company is considering doing SEO in-house, there are some critical questions that you should address before you proceed.

  1. Do I haverepparttar 145800 proper resources at my disposal to achieve professional SEO results?

    Search engine optimization takes time, and your internal SEO expert will need to have a great deal of it at his or her disposal – especially atrepparttar 145801 project’s outset when target audiences, keyphrases, and optimization schemes are first being established. Even afterrepparttar 145802 initial optimization effort,repparttar 145803 nature of SEO will require this person to spend ample time keeping up with industry trends, monitoring campaign progress, performing A/B testing, and expandingrepparttar 145804 campaign as new product and service areas are added.

    Perhaps even more important than time, achieving professional SEO results requires a unique set of aptitudes. The person responsible for your internal SEO initiative must possessrepparttar 145805 ability to learn quickly and to look at your website from a macro-perspective, marrying togetherrepparttar 145806 needs of sales, marketing, and IT. He or she can not be an aggressive risk taker, as this is often a surefire way to get your website penalized and potentially removed fromrepparttar 145807 major search engines. These gifted people exist in many companies, but givenrepparttar 145808 unique attributes that these individuals possess, their time is often already spent in other crucial areas ofrepparttar 145809 business.

    Without enough time to invest inrepparttar 145810 project orrepparttar 145811 right type of person to execute it, an internal SEO initiative is likely doomed to fail.

  2. Do I know which departments of my company should be involved, and will they work with an insider?

    As mentioned above, professional SEO, by necessity, involves marketing, sales, and IT. The SEO expert must work with marketing to find out what types of offers and initiatives are working offline to help translate them effectively online. He or she must work with sales to identifyrepparttar 145812 types of leads that are most valuable so that you can targetrepparttar 145813 right people inrepparttar 145814 keyphrase selection process. And, finally, your SEO expert will need to work with IT to determine any technical limitations torepparttar 145815 SEO recommendations, learn of any past initiatives based on a technical approach, and getrepparttar 145816 final optimization schemes implemented onrepparttar 145817 website.

    Sadly, in many businesses, these departments have a somewhat adversarial relationship. However, it isrepparttar 145818 duty ofrepparttar 145819 SEO expert to act as a project manager and coordinaterepparttar 145820 efforts of all three departments if you are going to getrepparttar 145821 most out of your campaign. No professional SEO project can be completed in a vacuum. For whatever reason, it is often easier for an outsider to get adversarial departments onrepparttar 145822 same page, inrepparttar 145823 same way that a marriage counselor might convince a woman of her undying love for her husband whilerepparttar 145824 husband is still grimacing from a well-placed knee inrepparttar 145825 parking lot.

  3. Will someone be held accountable forrepparttar 145826 results?

    This may seem like a small consideration, but it can have a tremendous impact onrepparttar 145827 success ofrepparttar 145828 campaign. If you have added this responsibility to some poor soul’s job description withrepparttar 145829 direction that he or she should "dorepparttar 145830 best you can," you’ll be lucky to make any headway at all (especially ifrepparttar 145831 person is not enthusiastic about SEO). Whether SEO is done in-house or outsourced, someone will have to take responsibility for showing progress, explaining setbacks, and continually improving results. Without this accountability, it is very common to see an initiative fade asrepparttar 145832 buck is passed.

  4. Can I afford delayed results based on a learning curve?

    It’s a reality – professional SEO expertise has a steep learning curve. Whilerepparttar 145833 information on how to performrepparttar 145834 basics of optimization are freely available onrepparttar 145835 web, much ofrepparttar 145836 information out there is also contradictory, and some of it is actually dangerous. It takes time for someone unfamiliar withrepparttar 145837 discipline to sortrepparttar 145838 SEO wheat fromrepparttar 145839 SEO chaff (on a side note, a "quoted" search of Google reveals that this may actually markrepparttar 145840 first occasion in human history thatrepparttar 145841 phrase "SEO chaff" has been used – we’re betting it’s alsorepparttar 145842 last). Simply put, ifrepparttar 145843 person you are putting onrepparttar 145844 job has no experience, it will take longer to get results. This may not be a consideration if you aren’t counting on new business from SEO any time soon. However, if you are losing business to your competition due to their professional SEO initiatives, time might be a larger factor.

eMergent Marketing New Employee Announcement: Brett Lane

Written by Paul Elliott

Cleveland, Ohio (June 2005) eMergent Marketing, a Cleveland-based search engine optimization and conversion company, is pleased to welcome Brett Lane torepparttar team. Brett isrepparttar 145798 latest addition to eMergent Marketing’s rapidly growing organic search engine optimization practice.

Prior to joining eMergent Marketing, Brett wasrepparttar 145799 Search Engine Optimization Manager for a sales and marketing company in Missouri, and a 2004 MBA graduate fromrepparttar 145800 University of Phoenix. Brett and his wife, Hillary elected to relocate from Missouri to Cleveland because ofrepparttar 145801 opportunity that eMergent Marketing offered. According to Brett, “eMergent Marketing truly setsrepparttar 145802 benchmark for innovative and up and coming Internet Marketing firms. I was looking to work in a high energy, fast-pace environment where I am excited and motivated byrepparttar 145803 staff, clients, and opportunity for professional growth. I have found that unique mix in eMergent Marketing.”

Brett brings extensive search engine optimization capabilities torepparttar 145804 eMergent Marketing team. He has spentrepparttar 145805 last few years honing his methodology for site promotion through link popularity development, online press release optimization, and other related SEO services.

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