Product Sales Beat Ads Sales for Web Revenues

Written by Rob Spiegel

Most entrepreneurs who launch a Web site are seeking product sales revenue or advertising revenue. Even corporate brochure sites frequently sell advertising. As you click through sites while you're online,repparttar proliferation of advertising givesrepparttar 127362 impression that Web ad sales could be a logical (and potentially profitable) way to offsetrepparttar 127363 expenses of building, maintaining and promoting your site.

But before you makerepparttar 127364 call to to ask who places their advertising, you may want to consider these statistics from Jupiter Media Metrix, and premier online advertising tracking company:

· Online advertising accounts for under 2 percent of total advertising. If all goes well (and right now online advertising is not going well at all), repparttar 127365 research company predicts that will rise to 5.2 percent in five years.

· Online advertising rose an impressive 69 percent last year, but this year online ad revenue is only expected to rise 12 percent, and overrepparttar 127366 next five years,repparttar 127367 growth will hover below 15 or 20 percent each year. This means online advertising will have to fight hard to rise torepparttar 127368 level of billboard advertising.

· Jupiter also reported that advertisers have their doubts about online advertising. Advertisers believe Internet ads do not reach enough people and are too expensive.

· More bad news for those who want to sell ads is Jupiter's finding thatrepparttar 127369 cost of Internet advertising has fallen 30 percent overrepparttar 127370 past year and these costs are expected to keep falling intorepparttar 127371 fall of 2001.

Online advertising is one ofrepparttar 127372 casualties ofrepparttar 127373 dot com crash. "Online advertising was built on false expectations set up inrepparttar 127374 Internet bubble when everyone believedrepparttar 127375 Net was magical and didn't need to be measured," said Carla Hendra, president of OgilvyOne North America, a major online advertising firm. "Forrepparttar 127376 first few years, if someone looked at a Web site and said 'cool,' that was enough. Now clients are becoming more conservative."

This translates into "Forget about it" for those who believe they can attract advertising dollars to their Web site. Product sales at Web sites, however, present a completely different story. Even withrepparttar 127377 dot com crash, Americans are spending more money than ever online. The Web continues to berepparttar 127378 fastest-growing retail channel. According to Boston Consulting Group, online retail revenues grew 65 percent in 2000, hitting $44.5 billion. The research company expects revenues to reach 66 billion this year, up 45 percent from last year.

Being The Best – What Does It Take?

Written by Marcella McMahon, Motivator and Personal Coach

As I read an article from a Continental Airlines Magazine (The Technovangelist, by Kevin Markey) about Philips Components which isrepparttar worlds largest supplier of drives, subassemblies and components for TV and is number one in LCD screens and screens for handheld devices likerepparttar 127361 one I am typing on right now, I am struck byrepparttar 127362 large print question this company asks itself, "What do we have to do to become better?" Philips has actually created an entire internal learning organization, which keeps asking that question of itself as a company. How many of us ask ourselves “What do I do to become better?” in our own lives, personal or professional. Look at your company, do they ask what it is that they can do better? Or if you are a manager, how often do you stop to reassess what it is you can do better? Or how you can help your staff to do better? What does it take to berepparttar 127363 best?

Beingrepparttar 127364 best takes: 1.Self Assessment 2.Group Assessment 3.Utter Honesty 4.Ability to Handle Criticism Appropriately 5.Perpetual Search for Growth

These steps work for anyone in any aspect of life, be it personal, family, spiritual, physical, or business. Since this is a Sales Newsletter – let’s focus on business life.

Self Assessment

Take a look at where you are in your career.

Good Questions to Ask Your Self: ·Am I where I want to be? ·Where do I need to grow? ·The one thing I would change about my work is...

Now you have some areas you might change. Take for example, one of my clients who made this common statement, “I want to grow my earnings.”

You’ve heardrepparttar 127365 statement, “Think outsiderepparttar 127366 box.” That’s what I want you to do next. Whatever your issue, don’t think along conventional lines.

So take increasing your earnings and think outsiderepparttar 127367 normal and use brainstorming techniques, which means no criticizing ideas at this point (see archive articles Brainstorming).

Some ideas on increasing earnings for a commissionable position may include:

·Self-Marketing and Networking – How can I increase my customer base? In turn will increase my revenue.

·Treating my job as self-employment – Since sales is commission basedrepparttar 127368 more sales I makerepparttar 127369 more earnings I acquire. Maybe I could hire an assistant to help me accomplish more in a day. Maybe I could develop an email marketing campaign and drive sales directly to me. Or maybe I could…

Group Assessment

Assess your group means: analyze whom you group yourself with: ·Which company do you choose to work for ·What type of sales team you have ·Who you hang around

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