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Written by Altha Sood

This busy mom has her hands full in coordinating both her family duties and representing two businesses, Kat's Coffees & More and Gourmet to Go. Her personal website, "Go Buy Gourmet" is under construction and should be completed very soon. However, if you would like to contact her about business opportunities,repparttar product line(s) and/or gift ideas, you should email her at Marissa gladly sent me a nice sample packet of no-bake cheesecake mix flavored "French Vanilla Cinnamon". This item is fromrepparttar 147340 Kat's Coffees & More. As I love being inrepparttar 147341 kitchen cooking a variety of foods, I have always been hesitant to prepare no-bake or jello-type cheesecake mixes. However, I decided to expand my "taste buds" and added cheesecake to my Sunday dinner menu forrepparttar 147342 family. Believe it or not....the dessert was a hit! Everybody loved

Joy of Nettle soup. Urtica Dioica

Written by Simon Mitchell

Weather-wise it wasrepparttar first day of spring, with warm sun and a brisk wind fromrepparttar 147226 west. Many Lesser Celandine had flowered that morning and I wasrepparttar 147227 first to see them, Primroses too and just a sign of Earthnut leaves coming up. I set off in search of fresh nettles. I have a regular spot for this atrepparttar 147228 lower edge of a field that getsrepparttar 147229 sun but is protected fromrepparttar 147230 north and east by woodland. It's a good spot and I found that a colony of moles had set-up camp there since I last visited.

Its been such a mild winter in Cornwall this year that some ofrepparttar 147231 nettles were re-forming on last years stalks, but there were also many new growths, tiny little leaves just poking through. Yummy. Nettle soup is just my favourite. Get it early inrepparttar 147232 spring becauserepparttar 147233 plants toughen up quickly, and mature plants can be dangerous to eat asrepparttar 147234 'stingers' don't break down as easily.

You can pickrepparttar 147235 tiny nettle heads quite easily with scissors, then lift them into a container, usingrepparttar 147236 scissors as tongs. Cut them carefully, avoiding any discoloured leaves that might be 'frost caught'. They'll grow back again quickly and you can keep a harvest of fresh tops running into summer by regular soup collections.

Be careful where you gatherrepparttar 147237 nettle tops. Avoid fields that get sprayed, roadsides or other chemical contamination. Take them from a wild place that isn't interfered with.

Having written that I put them in a plastic bag because I knew they would be home in minutes, simmering onrepparttar 147238 stove, but normally an open basket of some kind is better for gathering wild food. It's quite easy to pickrepparttar 147239 nettle tops and prepare them without being stung at all.

This recipe is from one of my favourite books - 'Wild Food' by Roger Phillips - a real treasure. I can never enthuse about this book enough. I have made this recipe about a dozen times and each one has a subtle difference based onrepparttar 147240 condition ofrepparttar 147241 nettles. One timerepparttar 147242 formic acid was so activerepparttar 147243 soup was actually fizzy ! The fresh nettle soup has a deep and layered flavour, yet delicate. There's something intensely 'green' about it, you can feel it doing you good ( a serotonin hit) - but there's also a sort of 'gamey' flavour.

You've just got to try this one for yourselves.

All you need is about a bagful of nettle tops, aboutrepparttar 147244 size of a football, for four people. Also: A large Onion, garlic cloves to taste, 2 or 3 potatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper, a stock cube (chicken or vegetable) and some cream.

Firstly, preparerepparttar 147245 nettles. Wash and drain them. Go through them carefully separating stalk from fresh leaf. You can do this easily by picking them up byrepparttar 147246 main stalk, compressingrepparttar 147247 leaf stalks together and cutting acrossrepparttar 147248 tops with scissors.

Then chop uprepparttar 147249 potatoes, onion and garlic and fry them with a splash of olive oil and a pinch of butter (OK I like to get messy). Whenrepparttar 147250 onion starts to soften andrepparttar 147251 potato is forming a slight crust, chuck inrepparttar 147252 nettles, give them a quick whisk around with a spatula. Then add about a litre of boiled water and your stock cube. Mix it all up and bubble it for about 12 minutes, or untilrepparttar 147253 potato is soft.

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