Product Review: Zone Alarm Pro

Written by Richard Lowe

I've tried using a number of personal firewalls, including WRQ AtGuard (since purchased by Symantec), BlackIce and ZoneAlarm. On my opinion, ZoneAlarm Pro is by far and awayrepparttar best personal firewall onrepparttar 132068 market.

I like this firewall because it isrepparttar 132069 first product of it's kind that actually seems to have been designed for normal human computer users instead of techno-nerds. The product simply installs and runs. You can use it out ofrepparttar 132070 box with no configuration at all. The program will ask a few questions and learn from you exactly what is allowed and not allowed. What could be more simple?

This program is one ofrepparttar 132071 very best defenses against spyware, which is software that "phones home" every once in a while with information about you. Unlike most other personal firewalls, ZoneAlarm Pro (as well asrepparttar 132072 free version) stops outgoing transmissions as well as incoming ones. This in itself is a major benefit torepparttar 132073 product.

One ofrepparttar 132074 major advantages to this product isrepparttar 132075 way you can configure it to knowrepparttar 132076 difference between intranet and internet accesses. That'srepparttar 132077 problem with some competing firewall products - they do not understand that intranet access is always to be allowed while internet access must be controlled. ZoneAlarm made this distinction easily.

One ofrepparttar 132078 problems that has been found with other firewalls isrepparttar 132079 "pattern" for determiningrepparttar 132080 identity of something accessingrepparttar 132081 internet isrepparttar 132082 program name. Well, as it turns out, this is very simple for hacker software to fake. ZoneAlarm wasrepparttar 132083 first product to recognize and fixrepparttar 132084 weakness by actually performing a checksum ofrepparttar 132085 product. This allows ZoneAlarm to be absolutely sure it hasrepparttar 132086 correct program identified.

Sins of The Internet: Pagejacking

Written by Richard Lowe

One ofrepparttar most frustrating events you can experience as a webmaster or writer is finding your work has been copied without your permission. I'm sure that just about every writer and every webmaster has been horrified to find his own work somewhere else under a different person's name. The thankfully few times it has happened to me I felt a mixture of blind fury and complete hate.

Sometimes thieves don't stop there. They don't steal a web page or two and claim it as their own (this is merely a copyright violation and a completely unethical thing to do). No, what they do is steal a web page and claim it is YOURS, but with modifications. In other words, they create a web page which is exactly like yours, with some changes to do something undesirable.

Once they have added your page to a different site and made their changes, they submit it to search engines, advertise it in ezines and do all ofrepparttar 132066 other standard promotional techniques. They may also register similar domain names to try and fool people into going to their illegal site. Their purpose is to steal your traffic, directing it instead to their own web site (copies of your pages).

Why do they do this? Well, let's say you have a page which is attracting a heck of a lot of visitors. You are making quite a bit of money fromrepparttar 132067 affiliate links on that page. An unethical person might make a copy of that page on their own web site, and replace all of your affiliate links with his. Anyone clicking on those links would be generating money forrepparttar 132068 pagejacker, not you.

Another common thing done by pagejackers is to add dozens or even hundreds of links to pornographic sites, many of which pop up automatically. Each time one of these links is displayedrepparttar 132069 pagejacker gets paid a small amount, sorepparttar 132070 more popups they displayrepparttar 132071 more money they make.

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