Product Review: Zeus

Written by Richard Lowe

Have you ever thought about promoting your site? It does not really matter if your site is about your cat, a product you want to sell or mythology ... presumably you are trying to communicate something torepparttar entire world, or at least a portion of it. It's a pretty sure bet that somewhere inrepparttar 125113 world at least one (or hopefully more) person would want to see your site.

However, site promotion offers perhapsrepparttar 125114 biggest challenge of all to most webmasters. How inrepparttar 125115 heck do you getrepparttar 125116 word out about your site torepparttar 125117 people who need or want to know? To make matters even more confusing you have to follow a poorly defined set of ethical standards; if not, you might be accused of spamming, and who wants that?

If you are like most other webmasters, you've tried just about everything. You've submitted to search engines (these are fair traffic generators) and FFA lists (worthless), created an ezine (good source of return traffic), added your site to webrings (minor but sustained traffic) and even added your site to dozens of top site lists. Sure, you've managed to get some traffic to your site, but still no where nearrepparttar 125118 big leagues.

If you've done all this and nothing else, then you've missed a couple ofrepparttar 125119 biggest traffic-generators of all: viral marketing (not discussed in this article) and link exchanges.

Exchanging links should be a normal part of your promotional habits. In fact,repparttar 125120 best strategy that I've learned overrepparttar 125121 years is simply to keep my eyes open as I surf. As I visit sites, I enjoy what they have to offer, learn what they are attempting to teach, and decide if I want to exchange links with them. What is this decision based upon? Whether or not I believerepparttar 125122 web site has value to my own readers. That'srepparttar 125123 only criteria that's important - ifrepparttar 125124 link does not have value to my readers then they will figure it out and will lose trust in me. This can be fatal to getting return visitors.

Building up a proper link exchange is a constant, daily effort which should never cease. This is perhaps one ofrepparttar 125125 most time consuming efforts of all - building up and maintaining a link exchange.

That's where a product called Zeus comes into play. This interesting program theoretically automates a fair portion ofrepparttar 125126 link exchange process. What you do is "teach" Zeus what kind of sites you want to include in your exchange. At first you do this explicitly by specifying keywords, then you do it implicitly by accepting or rejecting sites.

It's a long and tedious process, but inrepparttar 125127 end you do wind up with a reasonably intelligent robot. Now you cut it loose onrepparttar 125128 internet. The robot (it's really a spider) examines web pages, looking here and there for pages (sites) which match it's internal set of rules.

Once you have let Zeus run for a while it will build up a list of a few sites (or a few hundred, depending on what it finds). Now Zeus works more or less like a surfing tool - you just visit each site usingrepparttar 125129 Zeus browser, examine it, then indicate which category (if accepted) you want it to appear in. You can then tell Zeus to send an email torepparttar 125130 webmaster ofrepparttar 125131 site, and handle any additional correspondence as needed.

The other task that Zeus is good for is maintainingrepparttar 125132 link exchange pages themselves. This is especially useful inrepparttar 125133 PRO version (costs a few hundred dollars), as you can customize these pages as much as you want.

Promote Your Site Every Day

Written by Steve Nash

You want traffic at your site, but with so many new websites added every day it isn't easy. The only solution is to promote your site, each and every day...

Here are 7 promotion methods for you to try, one for each day ofrepparttar week:

=> Day 1 - Submit Your Site To A Search Engine

No big surprises with this promotion method; just submit your site to a new search engine, or directory. It is best to concentrate onrepparttar 125112 major search engines and directories, and add your site to minor search engines as and when you discover them.

Do try to keep a log of just when and where you submit your site.

- -

=> Day 2 - Post A Newsgroup Discussion

There are newsgroups, bulletin boards or forums on just about every subject imaginable. A good place to start is which allows you to search all ofrepparttar 125113 Usenet newsgroups for a particular term or phrase.

Post a message online, via Google, or offline using Outlook Express (or similar). Followrepparttar 125114 forum or newsgroup guidelines, when you start a discussion or answer someone's query. It *is* okay to mention your website in a 2-line signature, though.

Newsgroups and forums also prove a good place for you to get known and develop trust.

=> Day 3 - Swap Links With Other Sites

Links makerepparttar 125115 World Wide Web go around; they also improve your search-engine ranking! One way of achieving lots of links to your site is to swap links with other sites. There is an excellent article on link-swapping at but basically:

- Identify sites with similar content to yours - Request a reciprocal link (be polite, and use webmaster's name) - Create a "Links" section on your site and putrepparttar 125116 links there.

=> Day 4 - Write A Testimonial

Writing favourable comments - testimonials - about another website could make you an instant online friend (we all respond well to flattery after all!). This could lead to a link-swap or even a possible joint venture (see Day 6).

Just review their website (or product), and write aboutrepparttar 125117 benefits you gain fromrepparttar 125118 site in specific terms (so it sounds like you're actually talking about *their* site). Just be honest and tell them what you like.

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