Product Review: Professional Capture System

Written by Richard Lowe

During my career I've written several hundred manuals for dozens of applications, operating systems, routines and hardware. This is an area that I've always felt is vitally important, yet it seems to be either completely overlooked or assigned atrepparttar last minute torepparttar 133577 person who is lowest onrepparttar 133578 organization chart. I've seen projects with implementations that required dozens of man-years, yet didn't have a single page of documentation of any kind.

Just like you, I've heard all ofrepparttar 133579 excuses. User's don't need documentation or won't read it; Documentation is too expensive; The customer won't pay for it; Things are changing too quickly; It will be immediately obsolete; and dozen's of other mindless "truths" to explainrepparttar 133580 lack of delivering vital information in written form.

I know that documentation is tough - I've written enough myself to understand fully how hard it is to get started, to findrepparttar 133581 information, and to just start writing downrepparttar 133582 words. Perhapsrepparttar 133583 toughest task was describing how to do something which I as a programmer and computer veteran do without thinking, but a typical user has absolutely no idea how to even get started.

Then one day I stumbled across a little gem of a tool. It's called Jasc Capture System, and whatrepparttar 133584 program does is allow you to capture some or all of your computer screen. In other words, you can grab part ofrepparttar 133585 screen and save it as an image. This image can then be edited using normal image editing tools, added to documentation and even sent in emails.

This Passport PREVENTS Travel!

Written by Mike Valentine

Last week Microsoft bCentral required all users of it's ListBuilder Service to sign up for and userepparttar Microsoft .NET passport system by converting to that system before allowing log-in to their existing accounts.

I normally distribute my list through ListBuilder on Sunday evening for delivery by Monday morning to my subscribers. I got NO NOTICE there was to be a change torepparttar 133576 system until I tried to log in to my list last Sunday evening, December 3, and couldn't.

The sign in system crashed my Netscape Browser twice, so I opened up Explorer 5 and it just locked into a loop of agreeing torepparttar 133577 terms of service, I markrepparttar 133578 "Agree" radio button and click "next" to be returned torepparttar 133579 terms of service agreement over and over again. I give up with Explorer and return to Netscape. Now my computer freezes entirely. I give up after 2 hours of trying different approaches. The "Help" screen is worthless.

Monday A.M. I try to log in again on Netscape and go throughrepparttar 133580 process again at bCentral. Now when I clickrepparttar 133581 "Next" button . . . NOTHING HAPPENS AT ALL! I open Explorer 5 and try again to get back torepparttar 133582 terms of service feedback loop once again. Clickrepparttar 133583 button that says "I Agree" torepparttar 133584 TOS and get returned backrepparttar 133585 default "I do not agree" button checked over and over again.

I call customer support. I wait on hold for 45 minutes before giving up fed up withrepparttar 133586 awful loop of loud Christmas music I've heard repeatedly, along with that wonderful recorded, "All of our customer service representatives are busy. Please hold and your call will be answered inrepparttar 133587 order received" Well either there is one person that can't get satisfaction who won't hang up or there are six hundred angry callers ahead of me (or both). I give up. I try again, for a WEEK!

I still don't have my ezine out two issues later, I still can't get throughrepparttar 133588 customer support phone waiting list. I sent an email to bCentral support and got no answer. I have a paid advertiser forrepparttar 133589 ezine and now I've got to explain that I'm locked out of my list host and refundrepparttar 133590 money.

This has got to be one of Microsofts' finest hours. I could care less about passport as I never intend to use it for anything but this service and will not share my personal info with them to save my life after this debacle. So I'm willing to sign up for passport for ListBuilder only, but all I want to do is access and distribute my newsletter! My subscribers and advertisers will love me for this absurdity!

After attempting for a full week to send out two issues of my newsletter, that I can't get byrepparttar 133591 ridiculous feedback loop of agreeing torepparttar 133592 terms of service over and over again or getting signed in withrepparttar 133593 passport I create but then being prompted to convert my account to passport. When I follow instructions I still getrepparttar 133594 following message.

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