Produce More Sales from your Email Promotions

Written by Judy Cullins

Do sales come from your ezine regularly? How many well- written articles do you submit per week to Online ezines? How often do you send thank you's and follow up messages to your different email groups?

If you answered not many, then you need to re-evaluate. The answer to Online success isrepparttar same as traditional Success--promotion, promotion, promotion.

Use these easy ways to boost Online credibility and sales:

1. Market and Make your Ezine a Sales Tool

Ezines are one road to sales if you have targeted subscribers who stay with you at least 8 months After 4-7 issues, their trust builds and they eventually will buy from you. When you offer a live link straight to your sales letter for your services or products, they will be more likely to visit your site and buy from you.

Many professionals complain that many subscribe to their ezine, but not many buy. Ask yourself why?

Is your list targeted to one preferred audience?

Just like a book, you must visualize your preferred buyers. What are their interests, their major problem that you can solve, and what do they spend their money on? Are they online and comfortable with it? Go beyond age and sex for this audience profile.

As a book and web coach, my ezine may not appeal to free- lance writers looking for work. Also my books are mainly for non-fiction writers, who want to self-publish, are interested in eBooks, and who want to sell thousands rather than hundred of copies in an easier, Online way.

Be sure to give your targeted audience what they want. If you don't know who they are, write a short survey of less than 5 questions. Include in your ezine to pull your subscribers' opinions.

How are you building your subscriber list? What do you offer people who subscribe?

This sign on most web sites turns people off: "Subscribe to Our Ezine."

What'srepparttar 125022 motivation? None. Include a free eReport or book with every subscription. Get a strong testimonial like Dan Poynter's for The Book Coach Says... ezine: "Filled with useful tips and resources--definitely worth your time." Place it on your home page. Give visitors a reason to buy.

Another way to build ezine subscribers is to submit articles online. Many Webmasters and other business people who subscribe will see your professional article and want to post it on their Web sites or in their own ezine. Why? Because they need fresh content for their site and ezine. They want and need your information. What great publicity for you!

When you get an article accepted, more than 500,000 people can See it. Check Other publishers publish your article On their site, often with a link to your site. This viral marketing Spreadsrepparttar 125023 word fast and wide.

Each day on my email, I see 10-25 new subscribers' names and email Addresses. These come directly from reading my articles. You can see Why I'm sure to submit at least two a week.

More recently, I discovered after eight months of submitting over 45 articles to various sites,repparttar 125024 key words I listed put me much higher onrepparttar 125025 search engines. Rarely do I update onrepparttar 125026 search engines, but I love what these articles do.

2. Submit Articles to Ezines and Web sites

How to Market to Mars and Venus!

Written by Jaruda Boonsuwan

There's Yin, and there's Yang. There's a man, and there's a woman.

You can't live without one or another. And let's face it. We're notrepparttar same!

So when you're writing your ads or sales letters, you should keep in mind that, "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus". I know....I know! Although men don't enjoy that book as much as women do,repparttar 125021 nature of gender differences is unarguable. We were not bornrepparttar 125022 same....that's all.

There's always a psychological barricade based on our gender differences. You can't write to men, thinking they're from Venus. Likewise, you can't write to women, thinking they're from Mars. You can't let them collide!

Always remind yourself what it is that keeps them glued to your page! Then make a list....

** For men,repparttar 125023 top things on their minds are sports, cars, high-tech toys, computer games, politics and finance.

** As for women,repparttar 125024 top things on their minds are fashion, beauty, diet, celebrities, horoscope and jewelry.

Now, what you can do is do a little research. Go buy a few magazines that are not in your area of expertise. Or if you like, you can just ask your boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives or even your kids aboutrepparttar 125025 latest trends. I guarantee you'll get a lot of eye-opening, cutting-edge ideas.

Noticerepparttar 125026 words, adjectives or technical terms they use. Don't forget to rememberrepparttar 125027 names of important persons in that particular field. Get a glimpse of what's HOT and who's COOL! This way when you write, your prospects will feel that you're NO ALIEN. They'll feel that you're part ofrepparttar 125028 GANG!

Suppose you're targeting male prospects, mention something eye-catching like:

Nascar, Formula One, Ferrari, DowJones, Nasdaq, Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, Michael Schumacher, Sammy Sosa, Michael Jordan, .....

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