Procrastinate, but Not Now!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

Procrastination is my sin. It brings me naught but sorrow. I know that I should stop it. In fact, I will -- tomorrow! --Gloria Pitzer

I've been putting off writing this article because it seemed too hard to write about something I seem to have no control over. I'm actually writing it 5 days before deadline and don't really understand why it has me concerned. If it were easy, it would be done though, and I wouldn't be thinking about it now.

The things I've done instead of writing an article about my worst habit have been dull, tedious, slow and irritating. But I've preferred them all to writing about procrastination! Why do we torture ourselves over some things by delaying them like this? In order to avoid putting my own thoughts torepparttar keyboard I went torepparttar 131944 dictionary to look uprepparttar 131945 word.

procrastinate Pro*cras"ti*nate, v. i. To delay; to be dilatory

Dilatory huh? Guess I better look that up too.

dilatory Dil"a*to*ry, Marked by procrastination or delay; tardy; slow; sluggish

I guess I knew that, but what can one say about something that can't be helped. I feel as though I'm chained by dread of action. If I get started now, that churning in my stomach and slight twitch in my brow will turn to nausea and a serious headache.

"Putting off an easy thing makes it hard, and putting off a hard one makes it impossible." -- George H. Lonmer

That's it, I'll go look up some quotes on procrastination! That will be forward motion and actually move me toward knowing what others have thought and said about being dilatory. Cool! Off to Google, my favorite search engine, to find some procrastination quotes.

In any moment of decisionrepparttar 131946 best thing you can do is repparttar 131947 right thing,repparttar 131948 next best thing isrepparttar 131949 wrong thing, andrepparttar 131950 worst thing you can do is nothing. - Theodore Roosevelt

At least I'm doing something! But I guess if I really look at it, what I wanted to do was to go to ListBot and retrieve my ezine archives before they shut it down on August 20. Did I say that I "wanted" to do that? No, I can't standrepparttar 131951 thought ofrepparttar 131952 slow, tedious cutting and pasting of all my archived newsletters to my own ezine archive.

"How soon not now becomes never." -- Martin Luther

Here's how you do it folks. Log in, clickrepparttar 131953 link that says, "View Archive" and then go to your browser menu and click on your first archived issue and then go to "View" and chooserepparttar 131954 "View Page Source" fromrepparttar 131955 choices then, Scroll down past allrepparttar 131956 stuff onrepparttar 131957 page until you reachrepparttar 131958 HTML tag marked [pre] and select everything until you reachrepparttar 131959 [/pre] tag which follows your ezine text copy.

These tags keep your formatting intact without using alot of extra HTML as you paste it into your own web pages and upload to your own site using FTP.

Act Now

Written by Irena Whitfield

The Internet overflows with sites containing opportunities, software, books, newsletters, ezines, guides, courses, affiliate programmes, reseller programmes, advice, recommendations, tips, secrets, ads, banners - information in short. And that's it. INFORMATION.

The newcomer is all amazed with allrepparttar information he gets wherever he turns. And on top of all of it, he gets hundreds of emails, all promising millions and paradise at once, in three days, in a month atrepparttar 131942 latest. It's sufficient if you ONLY send a blank email, read this book, buy this book, download this, give away this and that, accept this course, join this FREE and join that only for $10 here and $20 dollars there and it's guaranteed.

All us uf know this. Overwhelmed. Amazed. Surprised. All keen on working, on making money, on learning. So everyone joins all he can, jumping from one opportunity to another, trying to manage all at once, placing ads, copying, offering, sending out emails, not reading, not learning, not doing anything properly. Simply because he can't manage, he doesn't know how.

And then it comes: nothing works, no sale, no proper response - disappointment, disillusion. All it is hype, scam and spam. But it is not.

Most ofrepparttar 131943 information is precious and really working. The most precious pieces are all here, no secrets at all, just at your hands.

The only wrong thing isrepparttar 131944 attitude - trying to manage all at once. Don't. Take it step by step atrepparttar 131945 pace comfortable for you. One item at a time. And forget allrepparttar 131946 rest. If you download 5 books one day, don't download more until you properly read and studyrepparttar 131947 five you have. And don't stop there. Think about whatrepparttar 131948 books have given you, how you can make use of what you've learnt. Grow.

Do it right fromrepparttar 131949 very beginning:

1. Set YOUR goals, concentrate on a long-term path 2. Develop YOUR system 3. Focus on YOUR Business, forget everything else 4. Learn, read, study 5. ACT

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