Proclaiming your Christianity in the digital age

Written by Clay

There's no doubt that computers andrepparttar internet have changed our lives drastically. We can communicate with everyone, everywhere, in a way we could not have ever imagined just a few years ago. These technological innovations give Christians an overwhelming amount of new opportunities to spreadrepparttar 139638 word of God.

One of these opportunities lies within every Christian's grasp and could be utilized within minutes. Just take a look atrepparttar 139639 computer you're using right now: whether you're in a library, school, at work or home, chances are that you're notrepparttar 139640 only one usingrepparttar 139641 computer you have in front of you. The first thing people see when they start up their computer is a desktop wallpaper, which most likely contains a tiled texture or a Windows logo if they have left

The Most Important Things Usually Go Unnoticed, Until...

Written by Dr Ina Bliss

…thunder and lightening hit. How can such power possibly develop behindrepparttar scenes? Nothing giving it away. The sky is blue. Then you notice a few birds flying lower, sounds seem muffled. Silence. Suddenly, forceful streaks of gushing water interrupt your uneventful monotony. Darkness, hail, tornado-like gusts sweep all that is lose, bend what seemed stable, finally uprooting all that cannot withstand in its hollowness. The void prevails, again.

Your reaction to that troubling noise and commotion? Running to safety, or pausing for observation-untilrepparttar 139593 worst is passing. Yet, would it occur being part ofrepparttar 139594 storm’s power? That depends on character and how far you have advanced in ‘Spiritual Boot-camp’. Spirit’s invitation to join in, while feeling safe, can only be conceived byrepparttar 139595 appreciative under-graduate and up. The ones in spiritual basement are just beginning to learn that spirit exists, and is part of life and business, or mind, body & affairs, also called ‘the heart of (wo)men’.

Let’s see how this applies to fundamental business basics in particular.

You were just about beginning to grasprepparttar 139596 mechanics of ‘sales’, ‘marketing’, ‘persuasion’, ‘networking’, ‘millionaire workshops’, ‘niches’, ‘fire-sales’, ‘Joint-Venturing’ and a number of other tricks and short-cuts that are increasingly available and widely known. They will eventually make you seriously rich, if you just do them, refine them, accompany all with justrepparttar 139597 correct technology and, most importantly, remain persistent.

Wait a minute: Is doing more ofrepparttar 139598 same in a society that has not changed much, withrepparttar 139599 exception of its technology, really going to oustrepparttar 139600 culprit? What do we shift from left to right today, which we just shifted there yesterday? How can a couple of million bucks evoke a change that is supposed to lead to Heaven on earth?

The answer has been revealed. A great number of coaches, teachers, Indian gurus, Chinese Taoists and students of many arts have come really, really close. The fee for witchcraft, psychic aid, spells, magic trinkets and influencing of Angels is getting near to nothing. They all can get you ‘YOUR’ power. All you have to do is ‘pay that small, small fee’, beforerepparttar 139601 power applies. Human flesh, formerly esthetic beauty, is being exposed torepparttar 139602 bone, for paper, or plastic. Then there arerepparttar 139603 Jewish, whose calendar has so many holidays that even they must be strained to keep track of exactly HOW to celebrate them, for ‘God punishes erroneous procedure’.

The FUTURE is every day’s talk ofrepparttar 139604 town, although it is written that God is PRESENT in All His Perfection, andrepparttar 139605 Kingdom AT HAND. If there’s onlyrepparttar 139606 Now, why would we need to ‘Predict The Future’?

Human wise-guys leading you, or leading you on?

Let me explain withrepparttar 139607 following example:

This event has been withheld from most folks, but isrepparttar 139608 key. When Columbus (whose miscellaneous acts are not exactly favorites of mine) anchored his 3 ships, Santa Maria, Nina and Pinta, ashore of today’s Haiti,repparttar 139609 natives did not see his ships. How can that be?

Most humans are unable to ‘see’ what they have not been taught. However, most human-originated teaching forms a faulty installed mind-set that attempts to override God’s intended strategy. This, BTW, isrepparttar 139610 reason why people end up so confused, forrepparttar 139611 beta-version of this concocted software (suppositions and assumptions) does not harmonize withrepparttar 139612 pre-installed Operating System. We all know what happens torepparttar 139613 crashing computer, it only being an emotionless machine.

Now, back torepparttar 139614 example, until their tribal chief resorted to principle,repparttar 139615 one of “If you do not renew your mind, it shrinks, or dies”, none of them were able to see those big ships, for sheer size. Boats – yes; ships-no. Big ships were impossible, forrepparttar 139616 narrow mind of allrepparttar 139617 non-chiefs would not allow. This happened inrepparttar 139618 physical realm.

Let me re-emphasize: Without that Chief and his relative concept of truth,repparttar 139619 non-chiefs did not see clear of solid physical objects. Even after much explaining, it took them some opening up to be able to say: “Wow, I can ‘see’. They sure are huge”. Granted, low-rank officers are known to have guidedrepparttar 139620 troops to their destination. Here, we are talking about localities, worldly places, roads taken back & forth, explored in Quantity by 5-sensory beings within 3 dimensional limitations.

Comesrepparttar 139621 big question, and it solely relates to (heavenly) Quality.

How come that all our coaches, motivators and leadership-gurus tell us, being that ALL OF US are non-chieftains where spiritual truth is concerned, we can ‘see’ those huge ships withoutrepparttar 139622 Tribal Chief? I would say that current Spiritual Boot-camp is being held by unsure replacements, understudies, or ambitious part-time professors of a ‘truth’ that bares all logic.

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