Problems Of The Third World

Written by Muhammad Sumair Sarwar


The second world war ended with a new geographical mapping ofrepparttar world.USA and USSR emerged asrepparttar 132271 two super powers and they both try to maintain their circle of influence.Many countries of latin America,Africa and Asia formrepparttar 132272 third world. The biggest problem of these countries are population,literacy rate,poverty and inflation.Most of these countries are over populated.A large percentage of their populaton live belowrepparttar 132273 poverty line.Most ofrepparttar 132274 third world countries are agricultural.But productivity on land is very low.Industrial growth is very slow.In science and technology they are backword.Their imports are more then exports.Their per capita is very low as compared to developed countries. Underdevelopment makes an unmistakable mark onrepparttar 132275 state of social organisationin a third world.Poverty,ignorance and diseases walk hand in hand wihrepparttar 132276 people.Thier percentage of literacy is very low.Poor health and hygiene,lack of transport facilities are other problems. Political non-stability is another important problem of third world countries.Common man is not aware of his rights.The rulling class is not interested inrepparttar 132277 wel-fare ofrepparttar 132278 people.They work as an agent ofrepparttar 132279 western countries.Corruption is rampant,no one obays law and order.

Sex, Drugs and 'Rock':

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

Driving That Train

“The area that is now known as Turkey played a major role inrepparttar Mystery Religions. The use of drugs to create “religious” experiences was developed to a fine art by various occult fraternal mystery religion groups inrepparttar 132270 Turkey area. The Assassins from where we getrepparttar 132271 word hashish controlled parts of Turkey and Lebanon in Medieval times. They used drugs to gainrepparttar 132272 allegiance of their recruits. Some ofrepparttar 132273 most powerful figures forrepparttar 132274 Illuminati have been Turks. The Grand Orient has had some powerful figures in Turkey. For instance, atrepparttar 132275 Masonic Congress of allrepparttar 132276 Grand Orients’ (that’s European Freemasonry- although several American presidents have been members of European Freemasonry) Grand Lodges, Bou Achmed came from Turkey. The Grand Lodge of Asia was represented by Sebeyck-Kadir from Asia. Bou Achmed took a big role inrepparttar 132277 Grand Orient’s decisions. As an aside, let me explain one example ofrepparttar 132278 power ofrepparttar 132279 Grand Orient in America. The Grand Orient was originally strong in Louisiana but spread itself to many other US. locations. Garfield, a very powerful man inrepparttar 132280 Grand Orient, managed to become US. President becauserepparttar 132281 political process got deadlocked atrepparttar 132282 convention andrepparttar 132283 Masons suggested him as a compromise candidate. Although Garfield was an extremely powerful Mason, had been perhapsrepparttar 132284 youngest general inrepparttar 132285 US. Army duringrepparttar 132286 Civil War,repparttar 132287 Illuminati ordered him shot after he had served about a year in office as President. Garfield was reported by an eye-witness to Satanic rituals to have participated inrepparttar 132288 cannibalistic rites of Satanism done to gainrepparttar 132289 spiritual power ofrepparttar 132290 eaten person. The Grand Orient Freemasonry has been linked to other orders of Freemasonry that are also called Rosicrucians. Pope John XXIII joined a Rosicrucian group that had links to European Freemasonry when he was in Turkey. Whilerepparttar 132291 secret Grand Orient Freemasonry was very strong in Turkey in spite of its small numbers,repparttar 132292 regular American Freemasonry granted a dispensation for a Masonic Lodge to operate in Smyrna, Turkey in May, 1863 butrepparttar 132293 charters were withdrawn on Aug. 27, 1880. However, it is interesting that of allrepparttar 132294 Turkish cities, Smyrna was definitelyrepparttar 132295 best place for Freemasonry to gain recruits. Men like Achmed Pasha and many ofrepparttar 132296 other Pasha family have been leaders within Freemasonry andrepparttar 132297 Illuminati. Achmed Pasha was a Satanist and had a large harem. Mehmet Talaat Pasha (1872-1921) was a Freemason and part ofrepparttar 132298 Turkish revolution of 1908. He wasrepparttar 132299 leader ofrepparttar 132300 Young Turks, which was a joint project ofrepparttar 132301 Sufis andrepparttar 132302 Frankist Satanists. (The type of Satanism led byrepparttar 132303 Frank family has had connections to Turkey for hundreds of years.) Mehmet Talaat Pasha wasrepparttar 132304 Grand Master ofrepparttar 132305 Grand Orient of Turkey. He was heldrepparttar 132306 political position in Turkey of grand vizier of Turkey (1917-18). Another Turkish Pasha was part ofrepparttar 132307 Turkish royalty running Egypt when Egypt was part ofrepparttar 132308 Ottoman Empire. His name was Khedive Ismail Pasha and he was Grand Master ofrepparttar 132309 Grand Lodge of Egypt. It was this Turk, Khedive Ismail Pasha, who gaverepparttar 132310 famous Obelisk torepparttar 132311 United States. This Obelisk was called Cleopatra’s Needle and was originally erected inrepparttar 132312 city ofrepparttar 132313 sun, Heliopolis, about 1500 B.C. The Obelisk is a representation of a human penis, because sun worship, worship of regeneration (sex) and worship ofrepparttar 132314 sun god Satan were all tied together. Masons helped withrepparttar 132315 moving ofrepparttar 132316 obelisk, and its dedication when it arrived in New York City. Large obelisks have been erected by Masons in New York, Washington D.C., Paris,repparttar 132317 Vatican, and London. (If my memory serves me correct Berlin received one too at one time.)

Every morning whenrepparttar 132318 United States President wakes up he can look outrepparttar 132319 window and seerepparttar 132320 Masonic obelisk and be reminded of who controls America. Ifrepparttar 132321 President has any training inrepparttar 132322 Mystery religion of ancient Egypt, he will also know what body part is symbolically erected inrepparttar 132323 Washington Memorial.” (1)

Noticerepparttar 132324 importance of Smyrna as a source of Freemasonry here. That is whererepparttar 132325 Onassis family has operated potion-pushing or altered consciousness drugs for millennia. My friend who usesrepparttar 132326 name Eternum1 on a web community has this to say aboutrepparttar 132327 issue.

“Sometimes, when my tiny head is spinning with disinfotainment and other artifacts ofrepparttar 132328 mediasphere, I try to think what archaeologists and social historians 2,000 years from now might make of our particular little epoch. How, for instance, would they parserepparttar 132329 word "drug"?

Is a "drug dealer" a pharmacist or a petty criminal? When we talk about "reasonably priced drugs for seniors," are we discussing marijuana or Lipitor {or Levitra}? What would they make ofrepparttar 132330 fact thatrepparttar 132331 last four American administrations have declared a "war on drugs" while taking money from drug companies?

Why is it bad when residents of Colombia build mansions from profits onrepparttar 132332 sale of drugs, but it's good when residents of Newport, R.I., dorepparttar 132333 same thing? When one person cannot live without "lifesaving drugs," we express great sympathy, unless that person is a "drug addict," in which case we may even throw him in jail. When a mood-altering drug is sold in pill form in stores, it's called an antidepressant and hailed as a medical breakthrough. When a mood-altering drug is sold onrepparttar 132334 streets, it's called felony drug trafficking and subject to stiff criminal penalties.

Because we are native speakers of Americanadianese, we can wend our way throughrepparttar 132335 contradictions. We know thatrepparttar 132336 bad drugs arerepparttar 132337 onesrepparttar 132338 cause euphoria and impair judgment, unlessrepparttar 132339 drug is alcohol, but that's not ever called a drug, so there's no confusion there. We know thatrepparttar 132340 good drugs arerepparttar 132341 ones that cure diseases or relieve symptoms, except sometimesrepparttar 132342 good drugs are ineffective or even counterproductive in achieving those goals.

Street dealers do not finance experimental trials onrepparttar 132343 effectiveness ofrepparttar 132344 drugs they sell. Drug companies do, but they fudgerepparttar 132345 results. Street dealers have a small feedback loop because customers can tell pretty quickly whether they're loaded or not. Drug companies have a long feedback loop because human beings can't instantly tell whether their cholesterol is being lowered or their blood thinned or their insulin production stimulated. A drug with a long feedback loop is clearly more profitable than one with a short feedback loop becauserepparttar 132346 dealer can keep an ineffective drug onrepparttar 132347 shelves much longer.

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