Problems Found After Indexing 200 Websites

Written by Rob Wiley

NADmedia has a service that will include a member intorepparttar directory. Oncerepparttar 131791 member is inrepparttar 131792 directory viewers can search for a New Media Professional by state or province. Oncerepparttar 131793 members website url is entered intorepparttar 131794 databaserepparttar 131795 members entire website is indexed. Users can use NADmedia search engine to find relative keywords that they enter. After indexing 200 websites I've found a lot of problems withrepparttar 131796 way web builders are using there meta information. If you have a website that you are making public, why hide what you have to offer? One ofrepparttar 131797 biggest problems found with about 40% ofrepparttar 131798 sites Iíve indexed was withrepparttar 131799 title of web pages. Duplicate titles were used for different pages. Each page was different. When you duplicaterepparttar 131800 title of web pages it is a waste of resources. The search engines are only going to record one of those pages. Just as when you use duplicate keywords, search engines will consider those keywords as an act of spamming. Same goes for titles. Web masters be careful to pay close attention when it comes to meta tags. Your title should coincide withrepparttar 131801 content of your page.

The Finer Points of WAH Etiquette

Written by Dan Reinhold

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The Finer Points of WAH Etiquette By Dan Reinhold

Business etiquette is vitally important inrepparttar 131789 corporate world...and more so when you work at home. Here we at WAHumor present a basic primer onrepparttar 131790 finer points of WAH etiquette.

Proper Telephone Etiquette:

When answering a WAH business phone, you must first and foremost must answer it yourself. The most pleasing and eloquent message on your machine proves useless when your three-year-old proudly announces to your befuddled caller, "I MADE POTTY TOOOOODAYYYY!!!"

An easily recognized signal to quiet any outstanding clamor is most essential. A snap ofrepparttar 131791 fingers, a ring of a bell orrepparttar 131792 sharp report of an airhorn may prove adequate. If not, consult your local Army/Navy surplus supplier for...ummm...unadvertised specials.

It is also imperative that you answer inrepparttar 131793 correct manner - it's not so much what you say as how you say it. Although you may have had a mad scrabble with several youngsters experiencing Double Stuf Oreo-induced psychosis, upon answering your voice must be perfectly calm and your breathing even. Asthma attacks are very poorly received and could cost business.

Inrepparttar 131794 event of severe noise, a tranquilizer dart gun is not thought unseemly.

Entertaining Clients:

Forrepparttar 131795 purpose of entertaining clients, always use a small. secluded room away and well insulated from sounds emanating fromrepparttar 131796 main living area. Should such a room be unavailable, build a shed.

Clearly markrepparttar 131797 pathway to your chosen meeting place. Be sure to providerepparttar 131798 quickest possible access to respect your client's time and avoid children. Consider installation of an extra large vacuum chute ofrepparttar 131799 kind once used to transport mail in office buildings.

Have suitable refreshments on hand to be certain that you will not leaverepparttar 131800 room, thereby leaving said client alone and unprotected. If something should spill duringrepparttar 131801 meeting, clean it up promptly and discard it in a large waste basket under your desk. If your client requests something that is not on hand, politely affirm that you have none - even water.

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