Problems Are Good (For Financial Planners Seeking Free Publicity)

Written by Ned Steele

A common complaint you'll hear is thatrepparttar media is fixated on negative stories.

But, let's face it, that's what people watch. Jerry Springer and Maury Povich wouldn't make millions of dollars a year if people hated watching spouses fight and jilted lovers weep.

And have you ever heard of a publication or show that thrived on telling happy stories about good news?

The fact is,repparttar 144459 media love problems. The more problems you help clients or customers deal with,repparttar 144460 better.

People, bless their sick little hearts – and by extensionrepparttar 144461 media too – love to hear about problems. Especially when you can discuss them intelligently. Especially when you can help them solve theirs overrepparttar 144462 media.

This leads to another of those 80/20 rules that seem to abound inrepparttar 144463 marketing field. You know, like: "80% of your business will come from 20% of your clients." There's a reason this rule has been around for so long – because it's usually true.

Tips on Dealing With the Media

Written by Ned Steele

You thought of it, you researched it, you wrote it. So you own your story. At least you do until you send it torepparttar media.

At that point, they are free to do whatever they want withrepparttar 144458 information you gave them.

Your job from then on: control and communicate it torepparttar 144459 maximum. Offer new information if you find it. Steer them to resources that may help them flesh outrepparttar 144460 story. Assure them that you will be available for follow-ups, day or night.

But they ownrepparttar 144461 media outlet. Their job: creatingrepparttar 144462 story as it will appear in their newspaper, magazine or overrepparttar 144463 airwaves.

Unless you are authoring an article to appear under your own byline, don’t expect – or request – approval rights, an advance peek, or any changes. They may never call again if you do.

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