Pro and Cons of Home Based Business

Written by Mary Porter

The Pros and Cons of a Home Based Business:repparttar REAL Story! Hundreds of people a day enter intorepparttar 142090 world of home based businesses. There are many "opportunities" out there, and you don't have to look very hard to find them. Chances are good someone will approach you, maybe even someone you know. The offer they make will be very inviting. They will tell you allrepparttar 142091 benefits of working from home. There are many.

And they are REAL. If you findrepparttar 142092 right company to start up with. Do people actually get a check inrepparttar 142093 mail? Really?

Yep, they sure do.

And after they get their check,....can they actually SPEND it?


It seems like only yesterday.....

It wasrepparttar 142094 last day ofrepparttar 142095 month. I had already called 99% of my extensive "customer list".

I knew chances of me getting ahold ofrepparttar 142096 last few were slim, because this wasrepparttar 142097 night ofrepparttar 142098 first high school football game ofrepparttar 142099 season. No one was home to take my call. I still needed almost $200.00 in product orders to make my monthly quota to maintainrepparttar 142100 level I had slaved and worked to build.

My palms were sweaty. My stomach was in knots. My hand trembled as I dialedrepparttar 142101 next number. It was my last chance....

"Hello," Oh my gosh! Someone answered! "Hi Aunt Jane! How are you?" "Hi, we're doing OK over here. What's up?" "Well, I'm getting my monthly order ready, and I was wondering if you needed any more XYZ Super Soap." "Oh, I'm sorry, Honey, but that stuff will last me for months. I just don't need any more right now." "Would you be interested in trying our new and improved High Energy Super Vitamin Peanut Butter Instant Wonder Shake?" "Oh, I don't think so. I don't do enough any more to be needing much energy. But I can mention it to your cousin Jake. He's been lifting weights here lately. He might like to try it. He'll be home next Tuesday. He's in Chicago." "Well, thank you Aunt Jane! I'll be sure and give him a call next week after he's home." "All right Dear. I'll talk to you later." "OK Aunt Jane. See you soon! Bye."

Do Search Engines Scare You?

Written by Elaine Currie, BA (Hons)

Do Search Engines Scare You?

What dorepparttar words "Search Engine" make you think of? I get immediate mind-pictures which vary but all have similar themes. Sometimes I see one of those tiny submarines which are used to explorerepparttar 142007 deepest parts ofrepparttar 142008 ocean bed. I have this picture in my mind ofrepparttar 142009 tiny submarine underwater in complete darkness apart fromrepparttar 142010 beam of its searchlight which is probingrepparttar 142011 gloom. Other times I see a horse-drawn carriage driving through dense fog with only its weak lamp relievingrepparttar 142012 darkness. This scene is from a movie whererepparttar 142013 police are racing through London in search of Jack The Ripper. The final picture is of a line of policemen in old-fashioned uniforms advancing across a moor in darkness through rising mist with only their flashlight-beams to light their way.

It can get a bit scary inside my mind at times. If these were dreams rather than passing thoughts, they would probably be analysed as meaning an obsession with darkness and getting lost. Mayberepparttar 142014 lights penetratingrepparttar 142015 darkness symbolise a fear of ignorance (or maybe a fear of getting found out). The obvious link is that these pictures all relate to a search of one kind or another. The first one might represent a search for knowledge,repparttar 142016 second one is obviouslyrepparttar 142017 search for a criminal andrepparttar 142018 final one a search for clues atrepparttar 142019 scene of a crime.

Why wouldrepparttar 142020 words "search engine" conjure up these dark visions? If you look atrepparttar 142021 words we associate with search engines, I thinkrepparttar 142022 connection will be clear. We talk about "submitting" our websites to search engines. We don’t "send" our websites or "apply" to search engines or "register" our websites with search engines. We are submissive andrepparttar 142023 search engines dominate us.

We adopt this submissive posture andrepparttar 142024 search engines send their robots to "crawl" over our websites. Doesn‘t sound very pleasant does it? The future of your website is entirely inrepparttar 142025 power of these monsters. You have spent time and perhaps some cash getting your website ready forrepparttar 142026 visit. Your website,repparttar 142027 shop window to your home business, has been tweaked and "search engine optimised", now you can do nothing except hope that your efforts will be rewarded with approval by these invisible inspectors.

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