Private Investigators

Written by Tyler D Falls

A Private Investigator is a professional trained inrepparttar art of investigations and surveillance. Otherwise known as Private eyes or Private eye detectives, these professionals are for hire 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Many investigators have backgrounds in CIA, FBI, military, special forces, police, and government. I assume you all have heard ofrepparttar 143802 famous Sherlock Holmes, and his trusty side-kick detective Watson. They were a type of private investigator. Today's private investigators use modern technology along with investigator training to serverepparttar 143803 public and attorneys, police investigations, insurance investigations, and so much more.

Here is a list ofrepparttar 143804 different types of investigations that can be done. Almost all of them are undetectable and non-traceable if done by professionals.

1. Surveillance - monitor someones every movement.

2. locate a person

3. Track cell phone usage and position

4. Infidelity investigations

5. Find someones current employer

6. Find a person by a utility company

7. Database record searches / Background investigation - Dig up information like, employment status, civil history, criminal history, medical history and other specific research

8. Child custody disputes - Acquire proof that a person isn't fit for custody.

9. Telephone number investigations

-Non-Published Number -Cell Phone

-Telephone Number

-Disconnected Number

-800/888/877/900 Number

-Pager Trace

10. Internet Surveillance & Monitoring - Find out what sites are being visited by a person, read their emails and forum posts, keylog and more

11. Business Help - Employment screenings, loss prevention, and employee investigations, insurance fraud, tenant screenings.

12. Attorney services

13. Photography and videography - Get pictures and videos of who ever, when ever.

There's more to Burton on Trent than just beer! - Part 1

Written by Chris Towland

There's more to Burton on Trent than just beer! - Part 1

Many people aroundrepparttar world will automatically associaterepparttar 143344 town of Burton on Trent with beer andrepparttar 143345 brewing industry. There have been many times when I have visited bars in different countries and have seenrepparttar 143346 distinctive Bass red triangle andrepparttar 143347 words 'Brewed in Burton Upon Trent' on a beer mat or etched on an ornamental mirror.

Without a doubt, beer and lager is Burton's main export and it's surely true that most Burtonians have met people in far flung corners ofrepparttar 143348 earth who have said "so you're from Burton .... whererepparttar 143349 beer comes from".

But, asrepparttar 143350 title of this article suggests, there's more to Burton on Trent than just beer so here, inrepparttar 143351 first of a series that takes a look at some ofrepparttar 143352 other points of interest of this Staffordshire town, we take a snapshot of a few ofrepparttar 143353 many options for food inrepparttar 143354 town.

Whether you fancy a curry, a good pub meal or a lavish extravagant treat you can certainly find something for every palate and every wallet in Burton on Trent. Starting with curry, there is an adundance of good Indian restaurants in and around Burton.....

These include Balti Tower on Station Street which hasrepparttar 143355 most extensive choice of Balti dishes in Staffordshire and where a curry will only cost around a fiver. Balti Towers is not licensed and so you're welcome to take your own drinks with you which is also great if you want to keeprepparttar 143356 cost of your meal to a minimum. If you visit Balti Tower with a few friends make sure you tryrepparttar 143357 Family Nan Bread, it's absolutely gorgeous ....... and aboutrepparttar 143358 size of a small duvet!

There's also Jee-Ja-Jee's in Horninglow Street. I'm reliably informed thatrepparttar 143359 translation of Jee-Ja-Jee's is 'brother-in-law' and this is becauserepparttar 143360 four Jee-Ja-Jee's restaurants (in Burton, Tutbury, Littleover and Kegworth) are owned and run by two brothers-in-law. The quality of food at Jee-Ja-Jee's is superb andrepparttar 143361 specials (some of which don't appear onrepparttar 143362 menu butrepparttar 143363 staff will be happy to tell you about) are amongrepparttar 143364 best curries I have tasted.

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