Private Aircraft Charter Services the new way of business travel

Written by James Holmes

Air Broker Net is a leader in Private Aircraft Charter Service, Fractional Ownership and Aircraft Management. As an exclusive Air Charter Broker Service, they work with an expansive global network of certified operators and airports. Think of them as your personal booking agent and travel coordinator, providing you with complete choice of carefully selected aircraft meetingrepparttar highest safety standards for both private and executive travel. Since they are not restricted to their own airplane fleet or specific operational base they can easily provide you with: Excellent Air Charter Service and Airport Flexibility -Highly Competitive Quotes and Rates -Complete Charter Travel Arrangements -Your Own Private Travel Coordinator -Fractional Ownership and Management

-Database with price reduced empty legs, up to 75% off. Forrepparttar 149858 best single source of private air charter information, empty leg specials, Caribbean and Bahamas deals and Quotes, contact one of ABN’S Air Charter Specialists at Air Broker Net provides air charter service in Private Jet Charter Flights, Aircraft Management and Ownership, and one ofrepparttar 149859 nations largest Network of Private Jet Charter Aircraft. Owned and operated by Airline Transport Pilots and Corporate Travel Professionals. They are an ethical, straight-forward Air Charter Broker Service who puts their clients needs and desires first. They book every trip as if it were their own, making rational decisions on charter jets, itineraries and airports. They are, after all, pilots and frequent travelers too. Whether you are booking a Private Jet Charter for a weekend getaway torepparttar 149860 Bahamas or you need an executive jet to get to UK, Europe, they can help. They use their knowledge and experience to get yourepparttar 149861 best air charter aircraft forrepparttar 149862 lowest price,repparttar 149863 best and closest airports and scheduling options to suite your air charter needs. Furthermore, their service is of no charge to you. Their fee comes directly fromrepparttar 149864 charter aircraft operator, who pays them for referringrepparttar 149865 flight and in addition provides their clients with discounted rates. There are no fees, contracts or membership requirements. Through consistency and reliability they hope to earn lifetime clients. There is simply no reason for you not to contact them !


Imagine an airport with no crowds, an airline with no connecting flights, and a trip with no lost luggage. No more hassles and a much more productive and stress-free way to fly! Private Jet Charter offers many advantages overrepparttar 149866 use of scheduled services. Having a private charter airplane at your disposal means you can save time and energy. Private Jet Charter puts you in control. The following is a list of reasons whyrepparttar 149867 executive or leisure traveler prefers to charter a private jet: • You chooserepparttar 149868 private air charter aircraft which fits your needs. You get exclusive use ofrepparttar 149869 private aircraft. Whether you charter a mid size jet, a small jet, a helicopter or even a private airliner, take a look at some of your private air charter aircraft choices.

• You setrepparttar 149870 schedule and save travel time. There is about a 20-25% chance that every commercial trip will be delayed or cancelled. Whether you need a simple roundtrip flight or an extended stay in many cities, you choose precisely what is most suitable for you and your will keep your schedule. • You alterrepparttar 149871 schedule according to your needs on your charter flight. • You selectrepparttar 149872 suite of services to accompany your private jet charter flight. Whether you need ground transport, vegetarian meals or a certain drink served on board your private charter aircraft, you dictate your needs. • You can save money, “time is money” and in most cases traveling in groups of four or more can be more cost effective when chartering your own private charter airplane versus flying commercial airlines.

The History Of Spain

Written by Jason Herbert

The History of Spain, and how it all begun.

The Iberian Peninsula was first inhabited around 8000,000 BC and has long been subject to foreign influences. The history of Spain starts from 11th century BC, it was colonized by sophisticated Eastern Mediterranean civilizations, starting withrepparttar Phoenicians thenrepparttar 149857 Greeks andrepparttar 149858 Carthaginians. The Romans arrived in Spain in 218BC to fightrepparttar 149859 Carthaginians, this sparked offrepparttar 149860 Second Punic War. They harvestedrepparttar 149861 peninsulas agricultural and mineral wealth and established cities with aqueducts, temples and theaters.

Inrepparttar 149862 early 5th century AD withrepparttar 149863 fall ofrepparttar 149864 Roman Empire, Visigothic invaders fromrepparttar 149865 North assumed power. They were off poor political organization but this made it easy prey torepparttar 149866 Moors from North Africa. Inrepparttar 149867 8th century ofrepparttar 149868 history of Spainrepparttar 149869 peninsula came almost entirely under Moorish rule. Europes only major Muslim territory,repparttar 149870 civilization of Al Andalus excelled in mathematics, geography, astronomy and poetry. Inrepparttar 149871 9th and 10th centuries Cordoba was Europes leading City.

Fromrepparttar 149872 11th century, northern Christian kingdoms initiated a military reconquest of Al Andalus. The marriage of Fernando Aragon and Isabel of Castile in 1469,repparttar 149873 so called Catholic Monarchs, led to Spanish unity. They took Granada,repparttar 149874 last Moorish kingdom in 1492. Inrepparttar 149875 same year Columbus discovered America, openingrepparttar 149876 way forrepparttar 149877 Spanish conquistadors, who plunderedrepparttar 149878 civilization ofrepparttar 149879 New World ofrepparttar 149880 history in Spain.

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