Written by Dave Balch

Unfortunately, most of us need a little reminder every now and then about what is really important. Something will happen in our lives and we just sort of sit up, slap our foreheads stupidly, and say "DOH! Of course! I knew that, but I forgot that I knew that!"

The trouble is that we never know when that's going to happen and, when it does, it may be too late. If you lose a loved one in a tragic accident, how will you be able to say those things to them that you meant to say but never did?

My guess is that you probably don't have to think very hard to figure out your top priorities in life. Are you takingrepparttar time, however short, to think about it? And are you acting accordingly, spending your time and financial resources where it mattersrepparttar 101923 most?

I just got a reminder of my own; my bride of 19 years was diagnosed with breast cancer. After we gotrepparttar 101924 news I felt two profound emotions: fear and gratitude. The fear, of course, was about whatrepparttar 101925 future held. The gratitude was for allrepparttar 101926 time we have been able to spend together by working at home for over 20 years.

After her first surgery we learned that it had spread. Whenrepparttar 101927 situation is dire, it's easy to droprepparttar 101928 things that used to be soooooooo important and focus onrepparttar 101929 things that really are.

I was inrepparttar 101930 parking lot of a local market and I saw a man and woman arguing about something. I thought about how their anger was probably over something that, in reality, just doesn't matter a hoot. Someday they, too, may get a sudden reminder and they will hopefully realize how unimportant and insignificant those types of arguments usually are.

Don't get ripped off at the pump.

Written by Julius Simmons


We had to put out a fair amount of cash to get these secrets from some experienced gas attendants. This is vital information to all that drive. Iíll give you a few tricks that some gas attendants use to make extra money while at work. A few dollars here and there can pay for their lunch or gas money forrepparttar day. These guys donít make very much so skimming is an option some dishonest workers use to supplement their income. Itís important to remember, most of these guys are just hardworking guys who want nothing more than an honest days work. Most look forward to helpingrepparttar 101922 customer in any way they can, but then there arerepparttar 101923 others.

Scenario 1- A guy comes intorepparttar 101924 gas station and fills a gas can for his lawn mower. Typical cans hold a gallon of gas, but most ofrepparttar 101925 time a person will simply ask for a dollar, itís a nice round figure. The gas attendant fillsrepparttar 101926 can, collectsrepparttar 101927 money, then either placesrepparttar 101928 nozzle onrepparttar 101929 ground or hangs it onrepparttar 101930 pump in an improper manner (If youíre looking itís easy to spot). The dollar already pumped doesnít reset untilrepparttar 101931 nozzle is properly hung up. Whenrepparttar 101932 next car comes in they simply putrepparttar 101933 pump inrepparttar 101934 car and begin filling. Instead ofrepparttar 101935 amount starting from $0.00 it begins from $1.00, and you lose a dollar worth of gas. The best way to combat this is to get out ofrepparttar 101936 car and watch. If you canít; make surerepparttar 101937 attendant knows youíre looking at what heís doing. I guarantee you, he will resetrepparttar 101938 pump.

Scenario 2- A customer goes in to buy some gas;repparttar 101939 attendant checksrepparttar 101940 oil and tells themrepparttar 101941 engine oil level is a quart low. Many times they will showrepparttar 101942 customerrepparttar 101943 oil dip stick and sure enough itís a quart low. This deception is done buy not stickingrepparttar 101944 dip stick allrepparttar 101945 way intorepparttar 101946 tube. Ifrepparttar 101947 stick is left about a quart short it will read a quart low. Then all that has to be done is, get a bottle fromrepparttar 101948 rack, pretend to twist offrepparttar 101949 top and stick it inside a large funnel. After a few minutes removerepparttar 101950 funnel fromrepparttar 101951 engine and tossrepparttar 101952 bottle intorepparttar 101953 trash. Afterrepparttar 101954 customer pays for service they believe that theyíve received and leaves,repparttar 101955 attendant retrievesrepparttar 101956 bottle fromrepparttar 101957 trash, wipes it off and returns it torepparttar 101958 rack.

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