Printing on Canvas

Written by Fabio Braghi

Givenrepparttar progress in inkjet and media technology, demand for printing photographs and art on canvas is growing exponentially. Whether you have a good inkjet printer or you prefer to have your work done by a professional outfit, it is worth to explore this option for any type of image. We constantly receive requests from wedding and portrait photographers who want to print large canvas for their clients.

Artists regularly order limited edition prints on canvas and watercolor papers to sell to collectors. These reproductions usually are signed and are accompanied by a COA (Certificate of authenticity). Buyers are very receptive to purchasing canvas prints they can hang up without a protective glass, without worrying about scratches and water damage.

The texture of a fine art canvas is unparalleled in beauty; a protective coating is applied on top to giverepparttar 149661 substrate a matte, lustre or glossy look. If you prefer to experiment with this material to seerepparttar 149662 results, canvas sheets are available at many stores that carry inkjet products.

The differences between a home desktop printer

Make Your Own Citronella Candles

Written by Cassie Morgan

Need a cost effective way to get rid of mosquitoes? Try making your own citronella candles and eliminate mosquitoes while providing a romantic, outdoor setting. Making citronella candles is easy and can cost as little as $0.25 per candle. Follow this step-by-step guide and make your own candles at home in less than 10 minutes:

Materials Needed:

Wax - Any form of all-purpose wax will do. This can be found inrepparttar canning section ofrepparttar 149589 grocery store or in a craft or hardware store. Citronella- You will need citronella oil forrepparttar 149590 candle to be effective against mosquitoes. Mold - This isrepparttar 149591 container which you will be pouringrepparttar 149592 hot wax into. The container is your choice, if you want to get fancy you can but a recycled can or glass will also do. Container for Melting Wax - Nothing specific, a saucepan filled with water or a coffee tin will do. Wick - Your candle will not work without a wick. You can purchase wicks at any craft store or you can choose to do it yourself by dipping a string or cord into hot wax. Thermometer - Any form of thermometer will do. Releaser - Any form of cooking oil or silicone spray will do, as long as it does not have a petroleum base as it may release toxic fumes while burning. Wooden Spoon - This will be used for stirringrepparttar 149593 wax. Wick Cutter - A knife or a pair of scissors will do.

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