Printer Ink Cartridges - The History

Written by Martin Smith

You are working at your computer and trying to print out important documents and all at once you find you are out of ink. Years ago that would have presented a big problem. Printers used ribbons or daisy wheels to print on paper. Let's take a look atrepparttar evolution of printer ink cartridges.

In 1984 ink jet printers and printer cartridges were introduced. Printing documents was now easier and so was changing printer cartridges. After years of changing ribbons, adding toner ink to reservoirs withinrepparttar 149628 computer.

The dot matrix method used a ribbon. The industry found new ways to make printing easier and more convenient. There isrepparttar 149629 drop on demand method whererepparttar 149630 ink squirts ontorepparttar 149631 paper through tiny nozzles. The amount of ink droppedrepparttar 149632 page is controlled byrepparttar 149633 software driver that controls which nozzle fires and when.

By 1990 ink jet print cartridges was widely accepted. Printer cartridges can now print in color as well as in black and white for document. Inkjet printer cartridges can print on just about any sized paper, on fabric and on film. Ink jet printers are used in a variety of settings worldwide and is a popular choice for printing.

Each brand of printer uses a specific type of cartridge. Ink jet cartridges are given an identification number andrepparttar 149634 models that can use this particular cartridge, is listed. There are a wide variety of cartridges available and you should check your printer's manual to see exactly what cartridges are available to you.

If you are trying to save money, you can purchase refill kits that allow you to fillrepparttar 149635 cartridges yourself. Not everyone is a fan of these kits however,repparttar 149636 quality ofrepparttar 149637 printing isn't as good, and in some casesrepparttar 149638 cartridges when re-installed can fail to operate.

You can get reconditioned and refilled cartridges from some retailers and sometimes fromrepparttar 149639 manufacturer. Compatible cartridges are cartridges that are made according torepparttar 149640 exact specs ofrepparttar 149641 original manufacturer. The drawback here is that not every cartridge has a compatible one.

In choosing a printer checkrepparttar 149642 type of cartridge it will use. You will need to determine ifrepparttar 149643 cartridge is appropriate forrepparttar 149644 type of printing andrepparttar 149645 volume of printing you will be doing. You will have to do some research and you can find much of this information onrepparttar 149646 internet, throughrepparttar 149647 manufacturer or through stores that deal inrepparttar 149648 particular printer you are looking at.

What to look for in an assembled PC

Written by Adam Fletcher

Not too well versed withrepparttar hardware jargon but need a computer? For starters, read Ask these 3 questions before you buy a computer.

Once you are sure what you need one for, get cracking. Here is a basic guide to get you started.

Do note: while all potential buyers will benefit from this piece, it is mainly targeted at individuals opting for an assembled PC. Embedded:

An indicative price list atrepparttar 149627 end will help you budget accordingly.


The large circuit board into whichrepparttar 149628 Central Processing Unit, memory boards and peripheral cards are plugged is referred to asrepparttar 149629 motherboard.

It isrepparttar 149630 most vital part of any computer as it holds and connects all your peripherals and add-ons to give you upgrade options and support for future technologies.

What you must know:

Check whether it comes with allrepparttar 149631 necessary options, support for upgradeability and extra slots for memory and other add-on cards. Processor

Processor chips are primarily available in two brands -- INTEL and AMD.

The Intel chips range fromrepparttar 149632 very basic Celeron chip torepparttar 149633 Pentium series torepparttar 149634 advanced Centrino processor. Print and Fax:

AMD has a chip called Athlon, which is slightly cheaper thanrepparttar 149635 higher end Intel chips.

Most users prefer Intel Pentium chips to Athlon asrepparttar 149636 latter heats up soon and isn't as efficient as a Pentium 4 chip. Also,repparttar 149637 Athlon chip based systems need extra fans to coolrepparttar 149638 system.

The most preferred chip isrepparttar 149639 Pentium 4 2.4 GHz.

You might want to considerrepparttar 149640 Athlon chip withrepparttar 149641 motherboard would cost you about Rs 3,000 less than its INTEL counterpart. Movie Maker:

What you must know:

Thoughrepparttar 149642 processor speed plays a crucial role, you need not haverepparttar 149643 latest and fastest one available. If a processor with a slightly lesser core speed can do just as well for your demands, go for it. Make surerepparttar 149644 chips are box packed with a serial number to ensure they are original. Random Access Memory

RAM isrepparttar 149645 amount of memory available for use by programmes on a computer.

The RAM chip comes in capacities of 128, 256, 512 MB, even 1 GB. Most computers function efficiently with 256 MB RAM, though a 512 MB RAM does offer you an edge.

As a thumb rule, always go in for a minimum of 256 MB RAM.

The latest memory technologies in use are DDR RAM, RD RAM andrepparttar 149646 latest release ofrepparttar 149647 DDR2 RAM.

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