Printer Cartridge Price Fixing

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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By Stephen Bucaro

Printers are one ofrepparttar 107871 biggest rip-offs in computing today. Companies like Hewlett Packard (HP) and Cannon throw together a bucket of cheap plastic parts and charge you $150.00 for it. Then, they price gouge you forrepparttar 107872 ink cartridges. analyzedrepparttar 107873 cost for inkjet printing and reported thatrepparttar 107874 costs ranged from 14 cents to $1.32 per page. If it costs 21 cents per page and you print only an average of two pages per day,repparttar 107875 annual cost of ink would be more thanrepparttar 107876 cost ofrepparttar 107877 printer.

The ink cartridge for a low end HP printer, containing only one tiny ounce of ink, costs a mind boggling $30.00! Thatís price gouging, and all printer manufacturers are doing it. Thatís called PRICE FIXING and itís illegal. To add torepparttar 107878 rip-off, some of them put allrepparttar 107879 colors into one cartridge. Then you have to buy a new cartridge when only one color runs out, wastingrepparttar 107880 remaining ink.

This price gouging makes it impossible for businesses like direct marketing or mail order to survive. The only way you can protect yourself is to refill your own cartridges. Most people feel that it is too difficult or too messy to refill cartridges. But forrepparttar 107881 cost of a new cartridge, you can refill your old one 12 times (per color).

The Bad Side of a Slide Presentation

Written by Rafael Van Dyke

A couple of years ago, I went to a conference for programmers in Arizona, where I hadrepparttar opportunity to attend several one-hour classes. Virtually all ofrepparttar 107868 instructors used slide presentations to get throughrepparttar 107869 material. Though there was nothing wrong withrepparttar 107870 material that was covered,repparttar 107871 slide presentations they used really did nothing to help them in their session. It would have been just as good for them to print out their speech and give itrepparttar 107872 audience a copy to read along with.

There were a select few with slide presentations that actually aided in their session. In fact, they were so good that after a while I paid more attention torepparttar 107873 presenter thanrepparttar 107874 slide presentation (for me, that an accomplishment!); but they were rare. Iím sure it was because they were programmers; but allrepparttar 107875 same, allow me to outline why they were so bad:

A Slide Presentation Is Notrepparttar 107876 Presentation The first mistake most presenters made was to think that a detailed slide presentation would compensate for poor communication skills, when nothing could be further fromrepparttar 107877 truth. Some of them almost had their entire lecture inrepparttar 107878 presentation. A slide presentation is to be used as an outline to keep everyone on track, not as your teleprompter. No matter how much you know about a topic, reading most of your presentation makes you look unprepared and certainly not an expert in your field.

A Slide Presentation Is Not a Book This goes along withrepparttar 107879 prior point of having too much material in a slide presentation. You canít simply take copy and paste from your book and try to make it into a slide show. The audience doesnít come to a session to read a book onrepparttar 107880 screen Ö you have to summarize it for them. This means that you wonít be able to give them all of your knowledge in one hour, and youíll need to cut out some things. If they want more, then maybe theyíll read your book.

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