Print Advertising: Knowing What To Put In Your Ads

Written by Debbie LaChusa

So you've decided to run a print ad in your local newspaper. The paper may have even told you they could producerepparttar artwork for you if you just tell them what should be inrepparttar 146855 ad. Problem is, you're not sure what should be inrepparttar 146856 ad.

The first thing you need to do is answerrepparttar 146857 following question: What is your objective forrepparttar 146858 ad? You need to know what result you expectrepparttar 146859 ad to accomplish in order to determine what needs to go intorepparttar 146860 ad.

Once you determine your objective (e.g. I want them to visit my store; I want them to call me for more information; I want them to take advantage of my promotion) you can decide what needs to be inrepparttar 146861 ad to successfully convince them to take this action. The problem I see with most ads is they lack focus. There is too much information and too much going on inrepparttar 146862 ad forrepparttar 146863 reader to be able to clearly understandrepparttar 146864 primary messagerepparttar 146865 advertiser is trying to impart.

Marketing with Special Reports. Itís Cheap, Effective and Easy!

Written by Debbie LaChusa

Providing your prospects or customers with information products is a great way to provide extra value or to provide an incentive for them to make a purchase or to register for your ezine or newsletter. And if you write a report or article and provide it as a free download from your web site, you have no printing or delivery costs and you can drive traffic to your site.

If you don't like discounting your products or services, but are looking for another incentive to get customers to buy or opt-in to your mailing list, offering free information as a special bonus is a great alternative.

Do you have a new product or service, or a special package or pricing that you'd like to promote? Putrepparttar link for your free report onrepparttar 146854 page of your site that promotes that product or service. You can also market in reverse. Includerepparttar 146855 web page link you want to promote inrepparttar 146856 signature on your free report. Send prospects or customers to your web site for more information onrepparttar 146857 report topic.

Or position your product or service as a great solution to a problem your report addresses. Just be sure your report includes plenty of good content. You don't want your prospects or customers to be upset when they takerepparttar 146858 time to download and read your report, only to find out it is merely an ad for your services. Provide good information. Address your customers concerns. Provide tips or solutions that will help them with their business, their relationships, their health and fitness, or whatever aspect of their life your product or service addresses.

Think aboutrepparttar 146859 expertise and experience that you have that your customers could learn from. What knowledge do you have about your industry that might be helpful? What types of questions do you hear from customers and prospects most often? Answer them in a free report. What do they have trouble with?

Help them with it through a how-to article. If you work in a business-to-business field, can you provide a checklist of what to look for (or look out for) when comparing products or service providers in your category?

Be creative. Write about what you know. And, what you know will help your customers.

10 Ideas For Creating A Special Report

Special Reports can cover any number of topics. Following are 10 ideas you may want to consider.

1) How-To Articles. These could be how-to-buy, or how-to-do something related to your product or service.

2) Special Reports. Write an article on a topic related to your business that you know a lot about.

3) Customer or Industry Survey Results. Conduct an informal customer survey and publishrepparttar 146860 results, or report on results of an industry survey.

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