Prince Henry Sinclair

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

Just this year (2001)repparttar Sons of Norway andrepparttar 151097 Norumbega Lodge (Norumbega wasrepparttar 151098 name of eastern Canada duringrepparttar 151099 Norse voyages, but when they first arrived they called it New Ireland.) held mass weddings atrepparttar 151100 Newport Tower in Rhode Island. It was built long before Columbus and with construction that is definitely Norse. This tower had a windmill built on top of it by a windbag (Alexander Hamilton) who claimed it for his own many centuries later asrepparttar 151101 cover-up was in full flight.

Why is it that whenrepparttar 151102 gods of archaeology and history admittedrepparttar 151103 Norse settlement (5) at Lans-aux-Meadows was true as told in verbal tradition, orrepparttar 151104 Kensington Runestone expedition was traced to specific Norwegian documents, schools still teach Columbus discovered America? If these people lie allrepparttar 151105 time is there not a good chance they will continue to lie? If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck - it probably is a _uck! HISTORIAN POHL:

Frederik Pohl may well have had to write science fiction due to his reception as a serious historian when he wrote about Prince Henry Sinclair’s 1398 voyage torepparttar 151106 Americas. Some authors take to this without real concern and others continue to fight againstrepparttar 151107 academic myopia or tenured me-too think. In any event I often find clues to check and verify in writings that have been ridiculed and then I quoterepparttar 151108 staid science that supportsrepparttar 151109 so-called ‘fiction’ writer’s original insight which may later have become proven. Atrepparttar 151110 time ofrepparttar 151111 Nova Scotia legislature’s official recognition ofrepparttar 151112 possible truth behind Pohl’s work in 1998 atrepparttar 151113 600th anniversary of his arrival at Guysborough we have this account.

“This isrepparttar 151114 earliest event inrepparttar 151115 history of Nova Scotia that can be dated to a single day (according to legend). The Resolution refers to "Guysborough," located onrepparttar 151116 west side ofrepparttar 151117 Strait of Canso, which separatesrepparttar 151118 Nova Scotia mainland from Cape Breton Island.

Born in Scotland in about 1345 A.D. Henry Sinclair became Earl of Rosslyn andrepparttar 151119 surrounding lands as well as Prince of Orkney, Duke of Oldenburg (Denmark), and Premier Earl of Norway. In 1398 he led an expedition to explore Nova Scotia and Massachusetts. This was 90 years before Columbus 'discovered America'! Prince Henry Sinclair wasrepparttar 151120 subject of historian Frederick J. Pohl's Atlantic Crossings Before Columbus, which was published in 1961. Not all historians agreed with Pohl, but he made a highly convincing case that this blond, sea-going Scot, born at Rosslyn Castle near Edinburgh in 1345, not only wandered about mainland Nova Scotia in 1398, but also lived amongrepparttar 151121 Micmacs long enough to be remembered through centuries asrepparttar 151122 man-god Glooscap...” (6)

In a research group that included an Essene Templar on location near Oak Island (He later was moved back towards Masonry as he learned more aboutrepparttar 151123 links betweenrepparttar 151124 Essenes and Stuarts.) I had a conversation that was entirely supported by him at that juncture. We had just found information about a Sinclair ‘forest’ that was important torepparttar 151125 family in a time long before Prince Henry. This response may not make a whole lot of sense out ofrepparttar 151126 context ofrepparttar 151127 whole research we were engaged in, but I offer it here for whatever insight it may provide.

‘That would make Bradley's origin of Glooscap a little more direct, wouldn't it. All St. Claire derivations are part ofrepparttar 151128 BEES. I am no great linguist. However here are some ofrepparttar 151129 ways I see my own name as The Bruce and a Baird.

BRT = BRTT (one location removed) = Brutti ofrepparttar 151130 Sons of Aeneas and Brutus who founded Britain andrepparttar 151131 Brettanoi of Brittany or Bretagne = Stuarts and Stewart back torepparttar 151132 Berbers andrepparttar 151133 earliest white people in 30,000 BC

Are Moldy Schools Destroying Our Kids?

Written by Dr GW Graham

Are Moldy Schools Destroying Our Kids?

Mold is a big issue these days. One reason isrepparttar damage it does to lungs and immune systems. And who does it damagerepparttar 150689 most? Kids and senior citizens.

Well, let's just talk about kids right now. And let's narrow our conversation torepparttar 150690 school systems. Why? Because kids spend up to 8 hours a day there, breathing in whatever is floating around inrepparttar 150691 air.

To seerepparttar 150692 kinds of illnesses mold can cause, visitrepparttar 150693 mold people at

Let's talk about schools now.

Every year, somewhere inrepparttar 150694 USA schools are being closed down because of mold. Why are so many schools moldy?

The main cause of any mold problem is ultimately water. Something is too wet.

Now if a building floods, we just dry it out and that usually stops mold from growing, right? Well, if you getrepparttar 150695 building totally dry within 48 hoursrepparttar 150696 answer is yes. That'srepparttar 150697 time it takes for most mold spores to start growing actual mold colonies. Most ofrepparttar 150698 time it takes bureaucrats 48 hours to find out there has been a flood. Then there are committees to decide how to dryrepparttar 150699 building. And then there are bids to getrepparttar 150700 lowest cost.

So drying isn't enough. Takes too long. Mold is growing and it can continue to grow afterrepparttar 150701 building is dried. All it needs now is moisture inrepparttar 150702 air.

Speaking of air, we also have to consider air conditioners. Most schools use air conditioners that are bought cheap and maintained byrepparttar 150703 lowest bidder.. Air conditioners that aren't maintained properly sweat andrepparttar 150704 moisture can cause mold growth.

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