Prime Rib Cooking Times

Written by Hans Dekker

As you look over a couple of prime rib recipes you'll notice a wide range of prime rib cooking times. Some recipes call for a cooking time of one hour and some recipes say thatrepparttar roast should be cooked for six hours. Very confusing! Well, there's a reason for this discrepancy -- prime rib cooking times depend a lot onrepparttar 144299 cooking temperature andrepparttar 144300 size ofrepparttar 144301 roast.

There are two basic methods for cooking prime rib roasts -- high temperature and low temperature. Each method has its advantages and there are people who swear by a one cooking process orrepparttar 144302 other. Prime rib cooking times are mostly determined by whether you are cookingrepparttar 144303 meat at high temperatures or low temperatures.

Some people loverepparttar 144304 slow cooking methods that is used in smoker barbecues. It can't be denied that smoking brings out wonderful flavors inrepparttar 144305 prime rib and produces some ofrepparttar 144306 juiciest roasts imaginable. The low temperature of smoker barbecues means that prime rib cooking times can be extended to five or six hours.

Coffee and Asthma! Huh?

Written by Randy Wilson

Here are some facts aboutrepparttar relationship between coffee and asthma. Regular coffee drinkers have about 1/3 less asthma symptoms than those of non-coffee drinkers according to a Harvard researcher who studied 20,000 people.

Forrepparttar 143596 past several years, many experts have touted how horrible coffees were for our health and thatrepparttar 143597 drinking of caffeinated coffee should be immediately ceased. Recently, however, several studies have shown that caffeinated coffee can actually be extremely good for people. One ofrepparttar 143598 groups of people who can reap health benefits from drinking caffeinated coffee is those people who suffer from asthma.

In particular, drinking caffeinated coffee inrepparttar 143599 situation of an emergency onset of asthma can allowrepparttar 143600 patient to breathe easily. Doctors have recommended coffee as an emergency way of treating asthma patients who find themselves with a sudden onset and no medication for many, many years.

In Scotland, as evidenced byrepparttar 143601 Edinburgh Medical Journal, asthma and coffee are good for each other. While not recommended for exclusive treatment, one to two cups of stron coffee may help open airways.

This coffee and asthma treatment can help a patient who is suffering from an onset of asthma symptoms and finds himself without an inhaler breathe more easily untilrepparttar 143602 inhaler can be obtained. This emergency treatment has proven extremely effective due torepparttar 143603 similarities between caffeine and a tried-and-true asthma medication known as theophylline.

The similarities between these two chemicals lead doctors to routinely advise patients who are about to undergo tests for lung function to avoid coffee and other caffeinated beverages for one to two days prior torepparttar 143604 time ofrepparttar 143605 test.

Several large coffee and asthma studies conducted inrepparttar 143606 past few years have examinedrepparttar 143607 relationship between drinking coffee andrepparttar 143608 prevalence of asthma. A study of over seventy thousand Italians showed that there was a significant reduction inrepparttar 143609 appearance of asthma amongst patients who would regularly drink coffee.

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