Pricing Your Shipping

Written by Chris Malta

"Pricing Your Shipping" When you're selling onrepparttar Internet, shipping costs can create problems. You're charging your customer UP FRONT forrepparttar 116938 cost of shipping their product. That is reallyrepparttar 116939 best way to do it, for one very good reason: Customers don't like to be charged twice. I've seen sites that tellrepparttar 116940 customer that they may be charged an additional amount later to cover unexpected shipping costs. Yikes! If I saw that when placing an Internet order, I'd be headed forrepparttar 116941 hills. I would definitely go somewhere else. Who wants to give someone they don't know a license to charge their credit card an unspecified amount at a later date? Not me. That's a great way to lose sales. Unfortunately, when dealing with distributors who drop ship, you really never know how much a shipping charge is going to be on any given order. Most of them ship UPS Ground as a matter of course. Some of them will ship US Postal Service if they feel it's more expedient. Well, alright, you say, UPS and USPS have rate charts, don't they? Just figure it out! Not as easily done as said, unfortunately. Some distributors have contracts with UPS that change their rates. Some don't always use UPS, as I've said. Butrepparttar 116942 real killer is that you can't set one shipping price on your site for an item, becauserepparttar 116943 item may be shipping anywhere inrepparttar 116944 country! Many kinds of eCommerce store software allow your site to directly accessrepparttar 116945 UPS Online Shipping Tables to calculate our shipping. You would think you'd be covered, right? Nope. You see, inrepparttar 116946 Shipping manager ofrepparttar 116947 store software that I've worked with, you have to enter a Zip Code of Origin forrepparttar 116948 entire site. ONE zip code of origin, for ALL your products. There's no way to enter more than one. The software wants to know where all of your products are shipping FROM, so it can go torepparttar 116949 UPS tables and calculate how much it will cost to ship TOrepparttar 116950 address onrepparttar 116951 order. The problem is that not everything on your site will ship FROM that one zip code. Your products can ship from distributors all overrepparttar 116952 country, as I said. Say I entered my zip code, 34711, which is just outside of Orlando, Florida, US, asrepparttar 116953 Zip of Origin for a site. I get an order for a product to be shipped to 32818, which is IN Orlando, near Disney World. The site is going to calculate a very small shipping charge for that order, sincerepparttar 116954 distance is very small. But what ifrepparttar 116955 product that was ordered actually ships from a distributor of mine in California? The actual shipping I have to payrepparttar 116956 distributor is going to be a good deal higher thanrepparttar 116957 site has chargedrepparttar 116958 customer for shipping, and that cuts into my profit. That's a BAD thing.

'Set' Your Products to Sell

Written by Chris Malta

"'Set' your Products to Sell" If you spend any length of time selling products onrepparttar Internet, you’re going to find out that it’s very hard to sell “very low priced” products.

What? Why is that? You’d think that people would LOVE to pay Very Low Prices for products! Well, that’s true, when they’re getting value for their money. But there is one thing that will make your customer back up so fast, they’ll have to make a “beeping” noise, like a big truck in reverse: Shipping charges. Ah, yes. Shipping Charges. The bane ofrepparttar 116937 Internet Retailer. Ground shipping, air, motor freight. Residential delivery surcharge. Shipping insurance charge. Signature release charge. They get you coming and going. (Literally!). We sell brand name products onrepparttar 116938 Internet usingrepparttar 116939 Drop Shipping method. We have genuine wholesale distributors who will fill our single-item orders by wendingrepparttar 116940 products we sell DIRECTLY to our customers fromrepparttar 116941 warehouse, with our business name onrepparttar 116942 package. Very low cost and effective. BUT…they still have to charge us shipping, which means we still have to charge our CUSTOMERS shipping. Normally, that’s just fine. Internet customers understand shipping charges, and with most products, it’s not even an issue. However, what happens when you have a site that sells an “accessory” type product that goes along with your general product line, but only costs about $5 retail? A customer comes along and wants to buy that inexpensive accessory, but duringrepparttar 116943 process of completingrepparttar 116944 order, they realize they are going to have to pay about $7 in shipping. Ouch! $12 for a $5 accessory? Don’t think so. So what do you do? Are you going to deprive your customers ofrepparttar 116945 “accessories” that go along with your general product line, and possible lose that customer’s attention for good? Not your first choice, is it? There’s a way around this problem for many types of products. Suppose your site sells those cool Velcro-type dart boards that parents love to give their kids, because Velcro tips won’t put holes inrepparttar 116946 walls, or inrepparttar 116947 other kids either, for that matter. The dart boards come with a supply of plastic darts. However, we’re talking about KIDS here. Plastic darts break. They disappear. They go running off downrepparttar 116948 road taped torepparttar 116949 tail ofrepparttar 116950 neighbor’s cat. Someday, little Johnny is going to want to play darts with a Dart Set that has no darts. There will be crying involved; I have three kids and a grandson, and I know that sound.

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