Preventing prostate enlargement

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Question : I HEARD from a friend thatrepparttar herb Saw Palmetto is very beneficial to those with prostate enlargement or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). Tell me more about this condition and how does pumpkin seed help? Can I take a zinc supplement together with this herbal formulation?

Answer : THE prostate is a doughnut-shaped male sex gland. It is located right beneathrepparttar 147524 urinary bladder and surroundsrepparttar 147525 urethra, a tube which drainsrepparttar 147526 bladder. The first signs of prostate enlargement tend to be related to urination problems. As men get older,repparttar 147527 prostate has a natural tendency to enlarge. The primary cause is a change in hormone levels. As one ages,repparttar 147528 testosterone level drops but other hormones such as prolactin, oestradiol andrepparttar 147529 sex hormone-bind- ing ligand, increase.

The typical symptoms of BPH are frequent urination (every 30 minutes or so), especially at night, with small amounts of urine; a sudden, urgent desire to urinate; a thin and weak stream of urine even with extra "effort"; having to wait longer to start urination; dribbling even after you have emptiedrepparttar 147530 bladder; straining to urinate; and a feeling that you have to go again even though you have just passed urine.

BPH will often respond to nutritional and herbal support. This is particularly important as some surgical procedures result in complications. In addition, nutritional factors may offer significant protection against developing prostatic enlargement.

Spirulina and diabetes management

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Question : I HEARD that spirulina is good for health. I am a diabetic. Can I take spirulina? Other than this, what else can I take?

Answer : SPIRULINA, with its high concentration of functional nutrients, is emerging as an important therapeutic food. It is an excellent source of complete protein, beta-carotene, B vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and enzymes, which occur in their natural form for optimum assimilation.

It also contains essential fatty acid, gamma linolenic acid (GLA) found in mother's milk, and evening primrose oil. It helps to strengthenrepparttar immune system; support cardiovascular function; improve gastrointestinal and digestive health; enhance natural detoxification and reduce cancer risks with antioxidant protection. Due to these beneficial effects, spirulina is a good supplement for diabetics.

There is evidence showing that insufficient insulin and excess sugar inrepparttar 147523 blood plasma can impairrepparttar 147524 conversion ofrepparttar 147525 essential fatty acid called Linoleic acid (LA) to GLA. Thus, diabetics require higher amounts of essential fatty acids than non-diabetics. Clinical studies conducted byrepparttar 147526 two scientists D. Horrobin and G. Jamal showed that GLA is able to prevent or to reverse diabetic neuropathy. You may take Evening Primrose Oil 500mg, two capsules three times daily, forrepparttar 147527 first 12 weeks after whichrepparttar 147528 dosage can be reduced to two capsules daily for maintenance.

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