Prevent phone monitoring with digital spread spectrum

Written by Max Penn

Prevent phone monitoring with digital spread spectrum

If you are using an analog cordless or cellular telephone, someone is listening to your conversations!

You'll notice I did not say someone might be listening to your telephone conversations, or there is a possibility that your telephone conversations can be overheard.

Simply put, your telephone conversations are being monitored! Radio hobbyists, with their scanners being used as spy equipment, haverepparttar capability to listen to telephone conversations and we must assume that a small percentage do from time to time.

Beyond these hobbyists, however, is an underground culture of scanner users who make specific efforts to monitor telephone conversations. This underground culture ranges from individuals wanting nothing more than to satisfy their personal curiosity, to news reporters lookng for leads, to private eyes gathering information for a case, to criminals listening for credit cards numbers, SSN's, or other information to be used inrepparttar 141682 furtherance of a crime. Beyond this, various law enforcement and security agencies may monitor telephones for their own purposes.

But wait, you say--it's illegal to monitor telephone conversations. It's even illegal forrepparttar 141683 police to do so without a warrant. True, it's illegal to monitor telephone conversations, but do you really think that noone's listening? A law is nothing more than words and, in and of itself, does nothing to prevent that which it proscribes. The chance of getting caught doing phone monitoring are almost nil, and when have you heard of anyone being prosecuted for monitoring a cordless phone?

HOW TO PREVENT IT One way to prevent monitoring of your telephone conversations is throughrepparttar 141684 use of digital spread spectrum technology. To understand this, we first need to be aware that telephones are either analog or digital. Analog telephones are nothing more than radio transmitters sending signals betweenrepparttar 141685 telephone andrepparttar 141686 cell site inrepparttar 141687 case of cellular phones and betweenrepparttar 141688 handset andrepparttar 141689 base plugged inrepparttar 141690 wall socket inrepparttar 141691 case of cordless phones.


Written by M H Ahsan

The key to having sales pages that convert is to be sure you include a few essential elements. There is a basic formula to writing good copy that has been tested and is proven to work. Once you've created a successful sales page, you own a template that you can use repeatedly, customizing it to fit other products. Your template will be like having a golden goose.

Whether you are hiring a copy writer to compose your internet sales page, or you are writingrepparttar sales copy yourself, here arerepparttar 141529 basic necessities of an effective sales page.

Headline: This includes three elements. First,repparttar 141530 pre- headline to set-uprepparttar 141531 main headline and capturerepparttar 141532 attention ofrepparttar 141533 category of prospects you want to attract.

Next,repparttar 141534 main headline, inrepparttar 141535 largest font you will use anywhere onrepparttar 141536 page, tellsrepparttar 141537 product's biggest benefit (a benefit evokes a favorable emotional response). Last,repparttar 141538 post-head, which further clarifiesrepparttar 141539 main headline.

The story: This is an emotional grabber that pullsrepparttar 141540 visitor intorepparttar 141541 copy so you can present your product and make your offer. It should be benefit driven, showingrepparttar 141542 reader how they could feel or their life could be better if they ownedrepparttar 141543 product.

Your Credibility: This is especially important on-line, and needs to come early inrepparttar 141544 letter. Some ofrepparttar 141545 ways you can build credibility include testimonials about real results, that includerepparttar 141546 full name ofrepparttar 141547 person givingrepparttar 141548 testimonial. Also, use specific numbers rather than approximations in your copy overall. If you have expertise and credentials related torepparttar 141549 product, say so. When applicable, explain product test results. Quote favorable reviews from newspapers or magazines. And give your contact information with an address. This proves you are real. Don't worry that someone will show up on your doorstep, and if someone calls you, that's good. You learn from contact with clients.

Benefits: In bullet form, itemizerepparttar 141550 benefits (notrepparttar 141551 features) ofrepparttar 141552 product. Prioritize them, and give an overload. It often only takes one benefit to convince a prospect to buy, but each prospect will have their own hot button. Have plenty of possibilities. Bullets are easy to scan.

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