Pressure Washing Decks

Written by Randall Madon

Pressure Washing Decks

A beautiful wooden deck, properly maintained, can add greatly torepparttar aesthetic and resale values of a home.

Just look around, decks are almost everywhere. Not just houses but both municipal and commercial facilities use wooden decks and walkways extensively. Because of this pressure washing decks can be a great profit center for your business or evenrepparttar 145226 whole business.

The great news is that decks need maintenance. As beautiful as a wooden deck can be it can be a real eyesore if not properly maintained.

Why Decks Need Maintenance

When a wood deck absorbs waterrepparttar 145227 natural resins and color can be washed out over time.

The combination of wood and water creates a food source for mildew, fungus and mold promoting their growth. Wood and water combined with dirt and even air pollutiom will also contribute torepparttar 145228 proliferation of mildew, fungus and molds. One thing to remember is that a wet deck with a thick coating of mildrew is very slick and slippery. This creates one heck of a "slip and fall" liability problem. Keep this in mind when speaking torepparttar 145229 decision makers of commercial and municipal facilities.

Learning Curve

There is a learning curve involved when getting proficient enough to clean/seal/restore wood decks forrepparttar 145230 public. It is best to learn on your own deck or onrepparttar 145231 decks of close friends and relatives. When learning make sure to do more than one. Different decks can present different challenges.


When organizing your project or preparing your bid make some simple observations.

Hasrepparttar 145232 deck ever been sealed? Is there old sealer that needs to be stripped and reapplied?

Do I have allrepparttar 145233 chemicals, tools and equipment required for this project?

( we will include a sample list atrepparttar 145234 end of this article)

Is there any damaged or rotted wood that needs to be replaced?

( Now is a good time to measure.)

Arerepparttar 145235 any missing or loose bolts, nails or screws?

Are there any adjacent bushes or plants that need to be protected?

Are there any electrical appliances, outlets, light fixtures or telephone jacks?

Note: these will have to be sealed water tight. Remember water and electricity is a dangerous combination. Decks in upscale neighborhoods will probably contain most of these challenges. Make surerepparttar 145236 circuit breakers will be accessible to you prior to starting.


Ok you've cleared everything fromrepparttar 145237 deck and placed it far enough to be out of harms way. You've locked outrepparttar 145238 circuit breakers that provide electrical service torepparttar 145239 deck area. Outlets, fixtures and jacks have been sealed water tight.

Close proximity plants and bushes have been protected with a clear plastic tarp.

Loose bolts. nails and screws have been tightened or replaced.with galvanized fasteners.

Rotted or damaged wood has been replaced.

Only now are you really ready to begin.

Clearrepparttar 145240 Deck of Dirt and Debris

With a stiff bristle broom or a leaf blower clear all loose dirt and debris fromrepparttar 145241 surface ofrepparttar 145242 deck..

What Chemicals to Use

Sodium Hydroxide ( a high caustic chemical) is very popular with professional deck cleaners. Because this chemical does most ofrepparttar 145243 work very low pressures of 500-1200 PSI can be used which helps avoidrepparttar 145244 condition known as "furring".

Safety note: Always wear headgear with face shields and cartridge type respirators when working with high caustic or acidic chemicals. This is not a suggestion it's a must.

While Sodium Hydroxide is a very effective chemical it will darken or may even blackenrepparttar 145245 deck. Because of thisrepparttar 145246 PH will have to be nuetralized with a mild acidic solution. Acids used are Citrus,Oxalic or Phosphoric.

These acid solutions will act as brighteners. Neutralizing repparttar 145247 PH of a high caustic cleaner will restore a deck very close to it's original color.

The Joy Of A Patio Awning

Written by Matthew Anthony

Some people will dream ofrepparttar perfect patio. They dream of havingrepparttar 145168 perfect place just outside, inrepparttar 145169 back garden or onrepparttar 145170 patio, where they can sit and relax, enjoyrepparttar 145171 weather -- enjoyrepparttar 145172 day. However, before they had installed their awnings, more often than not, people find themselves moaning that their patio just doesn't quite come upto scratch, that their patios really are not what they intended them to be when they dreamed about their perfect spot.

One ofrepparttar 145173 major problems many people have regarding their patios involves that in certain seasons or at certain times ofrepparttar 145174 day,repparttar 145175 patio becomes unusable. This occurs whenrepparttar 145176 sun hitís that certain spot inrepparttar 145177 sky and floods a patio space in far too much brilliant sunlight for it to remain comfortable. While most people loverepparttar 145178 sunlight,repparttar 145179 combination ofrepparttar 145180 decking or concrete used onrepparttar 145181 patio, in conjunction with a direct hit fromrepparttar 145182 sun itself, often makesrepparttar 145183 patio unbearable.

One beautiful and practical method that a person can employ to overcomerepparttar 145184 small amount of time in a day that a patio can properly and comfortably be used is throughrepparttar 145185 installation of patio awnings. Patio awnings are perfect solution for a person who wants to make his or her patio both more attractive and more useful. It is instant shade to combatrepparttar 145186 fierce sun.

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