Press Releases vs. Advertising Or How To Get Free Publicity for Your Business

Written by Robert Wardrick

Free publicity about your business is more valuablerepparttar paid advertising.

How do you get free publicity? Use press releases.

"First Things First"

(a) Make your press releases news NOT advertising.

A sample news item could be your business sponsoring a community program, offering a free service or introduce a unique product.

(b) Researchrepparttar 101097 Media

Read several back issues ofrepparttar 101098 publications you plan to send your releases, most are niche-oriented and only acceptable submissions of interest their readership. (c) Keep Your News Story Current.

Writing about past or far future events can lower your chances of publication. If your news is time-sensitive includerepparttar 101099 words "For Immediate Release" in your press release.

(d) Use a proper news release format.

SAMPLE Format: -------------------------------------------------------------

Press Release

Contact: Your Name Tel: (000)000-0000 Fax: (000)000-0000

Ask Mr. D - Pop-Up Ads

Written by Bill Daugherty

Dear Mr. D,

It seems like everyone onrepparttar net is talking about pop-up ads. A lot of people hate them, but a lot of other people seem to do real well with them.

My question is, do they really work as great as some people say? And one more thing, what do you think about pop-ups?




Dear Curious,

Love them or hate them,repparttar 101096 fact ofrepparttar 101097 matter is - pop-up ads and pop-under or pop-back ads are enjoying an amazing success. The reason for their success isrepparttar 101098 same reason they are so hated by some - they cannot be ignored like most other types of ads.

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