Press Releases Can Increase Search Engine Positioning

Written by Karon Thackston

by Karon Thackston © 2004

When you write a press release, what is your ultimate goal? No doubt, gettingrepparttar information to as many publications and on as many Web sites as possible. The focus lies in moving outward… takingrepparttar 108117 press release to as many *other* sources as possible. We buy lists of journalists, pay public relations companies to distributerepparttar 108118 release to thousands of targeted leads, use online press release distribution services, and create our own in-house list of reporters to touch base with. This isrepparttar 108119 “standard” route that press release distribution takes.

However, we generally don’t think about how these releases can work for us in other ways. For instance, have you consideredrepparttar 108120 fact that adding your press releases to your own site can increase your visibility and boost your lead generation efforts?

How? Because press releases can open new avenues for search engine spiders and site visitors to find you.

Writing A Search-Engine-Friendly Release

Press releases have some unique characteristics that can contribute to an increase in search engine positioning for your site. They are similar in many ways to pages that use search engine copywriting techniques. For instance, they:

1. Have a narrow focus. 2. Include copy that deals with one specific topic. 3. Incorporaterepparttar 108121 use of keyphrases. 4. Use keyword-rich headlines.

Press releases, by nature, incorporate each ofrepparttar 108122 elements used with good search engine copywriting. That makes themrepparttar 108123 perfect addition to your site.

With very little effort, each of your press releases can be turned into optimized pages that draw in additional, qualified traffic. When you write your next press release, consider adding these two simple steps:

How Freelancers Can Expand Their Business Using Personal Coaching

Written by Chris Marlow

Back in 1985 when I first started copywriting,repparttar only help I could find onrepparttar 108116 subject were books by Herschell Gordon Lewis, Bob Stone, David Ogilvy, and a few others. I didn’t even look for books on how to build a copywriting business because it never crossed my mind that one would exist.

Since that time copywriters have access to some very fine books on how to build their businesses, most notably books by Bob Bly, Steve Slaunwhite, and Peter Bowerman. But even these books can’t help you when you’re confused about how to make a project move forward that’s “stuck,” or what to do with a client’s new hire who doesn’t seem to want to work with you.

These are problems one of my coaching clients had last week, and I was able to solve both of her problems with one document that I have refined throughoutrepparttar 108117 years and which has kept my direct response campaigns on target 100% ofrepparttar 108118 time.

This particular client reported back at our next session that everyone was thrilled with “her idea,” andrepparttar 108119 new hire became warm and friendly, and offered lots of eye contact.

This is just one real world example of how personal coaching by a veteran copywriter can increase a copywriter’s business success. My clients come to me with all ofrepparttar 108120 challenges, issues, and problems I encountered on my own for so many years — challenges I’ve overcomerepparttar 108121 hard way by making mistakes, spending too much money, and growing ever so slowly toward success.

Today I’m enjoyingrepparttar 108122 benefits of working with some ofrepparttar 108123 world’s most prestigious companies, of having many contacts inrepparttar 108124 industry, and being able to chooserepparttar 108125 projects I want to work on and reject those I don’t.

In recent years I’ve helped many copywriters, mostly those who became friends. But now I have gone one step further by offering my services on a professional basis. Today I am coaching a seasoned copywriter onrepparttar 108126 best way to get more clients; for another, I’m getting her on track for earning more money; and for a third — a newcomer to copywriting — I’m helping him create powerful marketing materials.

Rarely does a copywriter come to me with a single issue. Usually they’re trying to achieve a short- or long-term goal, so we set up weekly one-hour phone sessions with 24/7 support in between. After each session,repparttar 108127 copywriter (or graphic artist) completes “homework” that pertains to his or her goals.

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