Prescription for a Broken Heart

Written by Alina Ruigrok -

Being heartbroken is a pain that no one can understand until they have experienced it for themselves. You obviously have, therefore are aware of how fragile your heart is right now. Healing a broken heart will take time, but is not impossible, though it may feel that way atrepparttar time. It is never an easy process to go through, but withrepparttar 101862 right prescription, you will be on your way to recovery and happiness again.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that it is okay to feel sad and grieve about what happened and that you are not stupid for doing so. It is perfectly normal to feel sad and cry after a break up. You have invested most of your time and all of your love and interest into your ex-partner; therefore will go through a sad and painful withdrawal. It is notable that you not grieve all on your own. Sure, there will be times when you will just want to be alone and undisturbed. However, it is important that you talk to your friends and family about it. Talking about it is not only healthy, but will mend your heart quicker because you will releaserepparttar 101863 thoughts and facts that are hurting you so much. Seeking professional advice will be a great help to you as well because your mind will open up and see new perspectives and understandings of what happened. It will help you gather your strength, pick yourself up, and findrepparttar 101864 happiness you deserve to have.

Acceptingrepparttar 101865 fact that you and your ex-partner are no longer together is a necessity if you are going to start mending your broken heart. If you catch yourself unable to function due to constantly thinking about your ex or repeatedly calling or visiting him or her for another chance, then chances are you are suffering from love addiction and should seek counseling. Discontinuing a serious relationship is emotionally challenging and can drive you to do things that are unhealthy for your self-being. To avoid entering such hazardous areas, keep yourself occupied. Go out with your friends and family to help get your mind offrepparttar 101866 break up. It is best to spend as less time alone as you can inrepparttar 101867 first few weeks of your breakup so that your emotions can slowly and patiently form back into their normal pattern.

Fightrepparttar 101868 thoughts that tell you that you are a failure and are to blame forrepparttar 101869 end of your relationship. When a relationship ends it means thatrepparttar 101870 two of you were no longer compatible and that always takes two, not just you. Instead of beating yourself up over what has transpired, examine your ex-relationship by listingrepparttar 101871 things you enjoyed most about it and thenrepparttar 101872 things that disappointed you and what you believe really causedrepparttar 101873 breakup. Look atrepparttar 101874 relationship as a learning experience and an opportunity to improve your relationship skills, and a way to realize what you truly need and want from a romantic relationship.

Learning to forgive yourself and your ex-lover will speed uprepparttar 101875 healing process forrepparttar 101876 reason that you will feel more peaceful and calm about it. Hating your ex will only build up tension and stress in your life, causing your emotions to slow down from getting back to order. One way to avoid bitterness against your ex-partner is to look atrepparttar 101877 breakup as a favor. Appreciate their honesty of no longer wanting to pursuerepparttar 101878 relationship, instead of giving you high hopes for a possible future together. It is always an advantage to exit a relationship that had no chances to survive than to be misled.

Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

Written by Alina Ruigrok -

Challenging and difficult, though they may not be what we want to hear, arerepparttar words that best describe long distance relationships. Keep in mind however, thatrepparttar 101861 words are challenging and difficult, not impossible. Many people choose to give a long distance relationship a try, withrepparttar 101862 constant curiosity if it wasrepparttar 101863 right decision to make and if it even stands a chance. The truth is, a long distance relationship has just as much a chance of succeeding as any other relationship!

Long Distance Relationships sharerepparttar 101864 same facts as an average relationship. It involves two people who share an interest in each otherís lives, care for one another and of course have a love for each other that they hope will only continue to grow. Onrepparttar 101865 other hand, a long distance relationship does have its differences as well. It takes away your ability to see each other on a frequent note, as well asrepparttar 101866 choice of being intimate whenever you desire, not to mention that there would be major trust required. Being unable to spend time together in a physical presence makes it harder to hang on to, but does not spell out doom for your relationship.

The first step is to make an agreement of what your expectations are inrepparttar 101867 relationship and how much of a commitment you are willing to give and receive. Ifrepparttar 101868 two of you decide to be monogamous, then it is clear that neither of you will be dating anyone else as long as your romantic relationship exists. Being clear about what you both want is extremely important, especially in a long distance relationship, in order to prevent future misunderstandings and mistakes. Do not feel afraid to tell your partner what you really need and want from him or her, you deserverepparttar 101869 chance to speak from your heart and he or she deserves to knowrepparttar 101870 truth and judge whether they can give it to you.

Trust is a major necessity if you wish to have your relationship from a distance. Without trust and honesty,repparttar 101871 relationship is in for danger and unsuccessfulness, just as it would be any other relationship. By acceptingrepparttar 101872 challenge of a long distance relationship, you also acceptedrepparttar 101873 fact that you will have to haverepparttar 101874 trust and faith that your partner will not be seeing anyone else as promised. Being paranoid and accusing will only grow doubts, insecurity and tension between you and none of those three will helprepparttar 101875 relationship survive successfully.

Keeping each other informed ofrepparttar 101876 friendships you have with other people andrepparttar 101877 events that take place in your personal life is a great way to keep your relationship alive and healthy; and continues to make your partner a part of your life. It is essential that you receiverepparttar 101878 same information from your partner as well, so you both feelrepparttar 101879 same security and satisfaction that you both crave. Be creative withrepparttar 101880 way you keep in touch, such as calling, e-mailing, faxing and sending cards. Pay attention to how many times a week you are staying in touch as well. If you want your bond to stay strong and loving, you have to hear from one another often, leaving as little room for any of you to start getting paranoid about anything. Although you cannot be romantic towards each other on a physical note, you can still perform romantic acts that will keeprepparttar 101881 romance department happy. You can do this by sending love letters and poems, having flowers and gifts delivered, or even sending a video of yourself with a loving message. Reminding your partner of how much you think about and love him or her will score high points, making them miss you more withrepparttar 101882 constant urge to see you.

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