Prescription eyeglass specialty lenses

Written by Timothy Gorman

There are many different lenses that have been specially created for certain purposes and needs.

An aspheric lens is one ofrepparttar lightest weights of all lenses. They are available in bifocal or single vision prescription eyeglasses. The Allyl Resin plastic lens is also very light in weight. They do not offerrepparttar 146159 protection from ultra violet rays that other lenses offer. The best lens onrepparttar 146160 market isrepparttar 146161 High index plastic lens. It offersrepparttar 146162 highest level of ultra violet ray protection. It is light in weight and thin. It is alsorepparttar 146163 most expensive lens to purchase, but by far it isrepparttar 146164 highest quality lens, as well.

There are also many different coatings that can be applied to your prescription eyeglasses. It can be done byrepparttar 146165 lens manufacture or at most Optometrist offices'. Photo chromic coating adjusts torepparttar 146166 intensity of light that it is exposed to. The come in brown or gray tint, and are available in glass or plastic.

When should Prescription Eyeglasses be worn?

Written by Timothy Gorman

A person should have their eyes examined by an optometrist every two years or every year afterrepparttar age of 60, to determine whether they need to wear prescription eyeglasses. Also, If any ofrepparttar 146158 following symptoms occur, then an eye exam needs to be scheduled. * If a person is having a hard time focusing in on objects. * Ifrepparttar 146159 eyes are red or swollen for unknown reasons. * If unusual headaches reoccur while reading, watching Television or working on a computer. There are several different tests performed by an optometrist during a routine eye exam to determine whether prescription eyeglasses are needed.

A glaucoma test is a simple, painless test. Glaucoma is a build up of fluid inrepparttar 146160 eye that causesrepparttar 146161 retina to have pressure. Glaucoma doesn't really have any symptoms, but over time can cause total vision loss.

A peripheral vision test determinesrepparttar 146162 degree of side vision that a person has.

Then there isrepparttar 146163 Visual Acuity test, which isrepparttar 146164 test that determines one ability to distinguish letter, shapes and number in various sizes and from various distances.

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