Prescription Eyeglasses

Written by Timothy Gorman

In today's society, not only are prescription eyeglasses a necessity, but to some people they are a fashion accessory. Top designers like Giorio Armani, Eddie Bauer, Clavin Klien and even Brittany Spears have picked up this latest fashion trend. Putting their name and usually a high price on designer frames and lenses.

A pair of prescription eyeglasses should be comfortable for your eye as well as your face. There are many different frame designs and shapes that fit your personal needs.

When shopping for a pair of prescription eyeglasses it is important to consider your occupation, activity level and personality. Different lifestyles require different frames, lenses and tints. For example; The truck driver who spends 10 hours per day driving requires different options than that of an office worker who stares at a computer all day or a teenage athlete that is active in sports all day.

The shade or tint torepparttar prescription eyeglasses is another option to consider. * Gray typically reduces glares but keepsrepparttar 146157 natural colors in focus. Gray isrepparttar 146158 most popular choice. * Amber is brown in color and it also reduces glare and filters outrepparttar 146159 blue lights. * Yellow is especially helpful in dimmer conditions.

The optics of Prescription Eyeglasses

Written by Timothy Gorman

There are estimated 168 million people who wear prescription eyeglasses inrepparttar United States. Only a very small percentage of those people could tell you what strength their lenses are or read an eyeglass prescription.

The strength of prescription eyeglasses is measured in what we call diopters. Optometrists abbreviate that with a D. The strongerrepparttar 146156 lens,repparttar 146157 higherrepparttar 146158 diopter measures. Prescription eyeglass lenses are measured in positives or negatives. If you look through a negative lensrepparttar 146159 object that you are focusing on will look smaller. If looking through a positive lens,repparttar 146160 object will look bigger.

There are three professions that deal with prescription eyeglasses that many people are not aware of. The first profession is called an Optician. An Optician makesrepparttar 146161 lenses, frames and contact lenses. They analyzerepparttar 146162 prescription and then dispense medications and prescription eyeglasses.

The Ophthalmologist is an eye doctor who is licensed to perform surgeries that are needed to correct vision or aid in curing eye diseases.

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