Preparing For An Interview

Written by Michelle Roebuck

When preparing for an interview, you need to know your skills, experiences and achievements, and how to answer interview questions.

Your Skills
Become an expert about yourself. Before you wrote your resume, you probably prepared a list of skills, experiences and achievements. If not, then it’s a good idea to take some time and prepare one.

This information will help you answer questions that are most commonly asked duringrepparttar interview. There are all types of interview questions, but no book or web site can give yourepparttar 135064 answers. Only you can come up with answers to these questions, because you’rerepparttar 135065 only one who knows what your skills, experiences and achievements are.

The interviewer is asking these questions in order to find out how much of an asset you will be torepparttar 135066 company if hired. Come up with real life examples that highlight how your skills and achievements helped you in your previous or current job. Think of situations where you:

  • Solved a problem for your supervisor or manager
  • Developed an action plan in order to meet a deadline
  • Led team projects successfully
  • Received some sort of recognition or award at your previous job
  • etc…

    Answering Interview Questions

    When you come up with these examples, make sure your examples focus on what you can do for their company once hired. That’s whatrepparttar 135067 job interview is all about…what YOU can do for THEIR company.

  • Work From Home Businesses: A Viable Option?

    Written by David Richter

    You have been searching for your next job or new career. You rewrote your resume, created a cover letter, posted both on job sites, attended a couple of career fairs, contacted some recruiters, and sent your information in response to some ads you saw inrepparttar classifieds. You’ve started networking. You also went on some first interviews, none of which developed into anything further.

    You have been searching for roughly two months, and as you take stock of your situation, you realize that you are no further ahead than when you began your search. You have come to a defining point in your job search process.

    This may berepparttar 135063 perfect time to consider taking your talents and channeling them in a completely new direction. If you are ready for a meaningful change, starting your own home-based business may berepparttar 135064 answer. The rewards could be better than you've ever experienced before in your working life.

    Work from home businesses these days usually means an online business. You use your computer to make a living. In most cases, that means you need to sell something. But what if you’re not a salesperson? What if you’ve never sold a thing in your life?

    You don’t have to be a salesperson to sell online. In fact, most people starting an online business have never sold anything previously. You begin by looking atrepparttar 135065 knowledge you possess in a particular area. It could be anything you learned extensively that you now can teach or help others to understand. Anything can be sold online.

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