Prepare for the Master (CD Mastering)

Written by Richard Dolmat

Many artists are still confused as to what goes on during a mastering session. This article will try to shed some light onrepparttar last step before fame and riches (well, at leastrepparttar 139117 last step before duplication), and help you with preparing your music before sending to a mastering studio.

Mastering isrepparttar 139118 last stage of production, right beforerepparttar 139119 master CD is sent for duplication. It is extremely important for your product and can dramatically improverepparttar 139120 quality and consistency of your recordings. Since many musicians have home studios, it is more important than ever to get your final CD mastered properly. It will bring your home-recordings closer to a "radio ready" professional level.

Some ofrepparttar 139121 work done atrepparttar 139122 mastering stage include:

-> Equalization and harmonic balancing for consistent sound throughout your entire album. -> Adjusting micro/macro-dynamics (volume changes) of your songs for consistency and loudness. -> Checking inter-channel phase and polarity for mono compatibility. -> Final CD layout with proper song spaces, segues, fades and crossfades snapped to CD frame boundaries. -> Sample and bit rate conversion with dither to Red Book CD Standard.

It's amazing how a good mastering job can bring outrepparttar 139123 width, depth and dimension of a song. You'll hear sounds that used to be buried inrepparttar 139124 mix,repparttar 139125 vocals will shine through,repparttar 139126 reverb and effects will be heard, andrepparttar 139127 whole CD will be more enjoyable over a varying range of playback systems. At Digital Sound Magic Studios, we have a one-free song policy. Send us a song (usually through and we master it for free. No catch, no obligation.

But don't assume allrepparttar 139128 work lies on our shoulders! You have to do some legwork too by giving usrepparttar 139129 best source audio and as much information as possible. This will makerepparttar 139130 final mastering process run more smoothly and ensure that you getrepparttar 139131 absolute best master.

Be careful or your poker nuts will get crushed!

Written by Ian McIntosh

The origins ofrepparttar phrase poker nuts are uncertain although it is thought to have come from old slang meaning 'delightful thing, practice or experience'. It is a 'delightful thing' of course, because in Texas Holdemrepparttar 139037 poker nuts isrepparttar 139038 best possible hand that you can have at any point inrepparttar 139039 game.

If you haverepparttar 139040 nuts, you cannot be that point inrepparttar 139041 hand. This isrepparttar 139042 crucial factor that a lot of inexperienced players fail to take account of,repparttar 139043 nuts can move from one player to another and your hand which wasrepparttar 139044 nuts earlier on can end up being crushed!

The following example should demonstraterepparttar 139045 fickle nature ofrepparttar 139046 cards in Texas Holdem poker and how your nuts can quickly turn to pulp!

You are playing a hand of Texas Holdem poker and there are three players still inrepparttar 139047 game atrepparttar 139048 flop.

You get dealt 7 of clubs, 8 of diamonds; Amy has 5 of spades, 5 of clubs and John's hand is King, 9 of hearts.

The flop is dealt andrepparttar 139049 cards are 9 of hearts, 6 of hearts and 5 of diamonds. This is a great flop for you - you’ve gotrepparttar 139050 poker nuts! At this point you have a straight - 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 - which cannot be beaten by any other combination of cards.

Now you decide to 'slow play' your hand and try to draw a bet from somebody with a high pair who will like this flop, so you simply check. Amy likesrepparttar 139051 look of her hand now as she has flopped three 5s so she makes a bet which is called by John as he now has a pair of 9s with a King kicker. You likerepparttar 139052 way it's going so you callrepparttar 139053 bet.

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