Pree-Teens Look to Steroids as "Magic Pill" for Fashionable Figures

Written by Anthony Ellis

Healthy fitness guru joins doctors, educators, coaches, event organizers, and others in urging young people to do thingsrepparttar old-fashioned way…with diet and exercise

In an alarming trend that has continued to grow sincerepparttar 139007 early 1990's, government and university studies show that as many as 5% of high school girls and 7% percent of middle-school girls admit that they've tried anabolic steroids at least once. While some analyses attributerepparttar 139008 increase to girls' rising participation in sports, it is also clear that "plenty of girls and boys are using steroids to look toned and muscular without having to work out or watch what they eat," reports healthy fitness "guru" Anthony Ellis.

"Our society is hooked onrepparttar 139009 'magic pill' concept and these young people are getting hooked on steroids," says Ellis. Children as young as nine covetrepparttar 139010 sexy bodies of their fit-and-trim celebrity, rock star, and athletic idols, "but they don't want to dorepparttar 139011 work," he explains.

Gender Bender Ellis notes that most young girls are completely unaware that steroid use will cause physical changes like an increase in facial hair, a deepening ofrepparttar 139012 voice, severe acne, and smaller breasts, as well as psychological changes including paranoia, hallucinations and angry outbursts known as 'Roid Rage.

"Girls are risking their lives taking illegal steroids to make themselves feminine and they end up more masculine than ever," says Ellis. "They're experimenting withrepparttar 139013 same testosterone pills, shots and creams that professional baseball players who are three times their size and twice their age are using. The risks are terrifying andrepparttar 139014 results aren't much better."

Seeing is Believing Ellis, a self-proclaimed "average guy who was fed up with being a skinny, 135 pound weakling," transformed his own life with all-natural, muscle gaining techniques especially designed for people who have trouble with weight gain. "I gained 32 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks, I reduced my body fat from 10% to 7%, and I did it naturally," he says. "And I want to help people, achieverepparttar 139015 same results without putting their lives at risk."

Ellis notes that there are more than 70,000 healthy fitness fans in 100 countries worldwide that have changed their bodies and their lives with his program.

How to Choose an Elliptical Trainer that Suits Your Needs

Written by Deirdre Jones

When choosing an elliptical trainer, you'll want to consider a variety of things to determine which elliptical machine will best suit your needs. You should pay attention torepparttar quality and durability, features, brand reputation (important when buying online), and weight restrictions. Oh yeah, you will need to decide how much you're willing to spend also.

The great thing about elliptical trainers is that they are a wonderful alternative torepparttar 138941 treadmill or stair stepper machine if you have joint problems. There is much less impact (virtually none) to your legs and knees. They also do not take up a lot of space.

First, you may want to visit your local sporting goods outlets/stores to try out different brands of ellipticals, because comfort on an elliptical trainer is difficult to gauge just by browsing online. Don't be intimidated or pressured byrepparttar 138942 sales people - you are there to decide which machine is best for you. After all, you'rerepparttar 138943 one paying for it, right?

Once you have decided which machines feel best to you, you'll want to check outrepparttar 138944 features and pricing. What features are you willing to sacrifice forrepparttar 138945 sake of your budget? One thing you do not want to sacrifice, and I must stress this, is comfort. Because if you're not comfortable onrepparttar 138946 machine, then you won't use it, now will you?

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