Written by Joyce C. Lock

Predestination: some believe in it, some don't. Most enjoyrepparttar debate of it and are left straddlingrepparttar 126884 fence because, at first glance, scripture seems to support both sides ofrepparttar 126885 issue (being almost contradictory).

Since we know all God's Holy Word must be truth, if any of it is at all, perhapsrepparttar 126886 question that stems fromrepparttar 126887 issues of predestination is a result of one's difficulty in interpretation and Satan getting pleasure in dividing us (asrepparttar 126888 author of confusion).

For those who have no idea what I'm writing about,repparttar 126889 question is, "Do we have a choice in our salvation and every decision in our life, or are we puppets completing a play God has predestined us to fulfill? Scripture bares no contradiction once understood.

Fromrepparttar 126890 beginning of time, God (in His omnipotent powers) hadrepparttar 126891 ability to foresee, foreknow, and look intorepparttar 126892 future. Every human was created by Him and He would love every one. Thus, even allrepparttar 126893 earth would cry out there is a God, extendingrepparttar 126894 universal call to all that would receive. It was God's desire that no one would perish.

The Plight of Pew Warmers

Written by Joyce C. Lock

Have you ever been frustrated over people who come to church just to warmrepparttar pews? It's so easy to point, "Sinner!" - turn your nose up, lookrepparttar 126883 other way, and exclude them in fellowship. It takesrepparttar 126884 love of Christ to look inside and see their need.

They didn't give up on God. Otherwise, they wouldn't even be in church. What they may have given up on is either themselves or other Christians.

Maybe they fell. Maybe they were nearly stoned to death byrepparttar 126885 brethren. Perhaps their anger gotrepparttar 126886 best of them. It could be that they were falsely accused. They may have misunderstood God's leading, thereby being tricked by Satan.

But, whatever is was, something very painful happened. Satan convinced them God wouldn't receive them, it could happen again, or they don't haverepparttar 126887 strength to begin anew.

Perhaps we could love them best by telling them they ‘can’, that God made a very special provision to help His children with such a need … that when we follow God every step ofrepparttar 126888 way, we can't fall (II Ch. 15:2b), that we "can" place of confidence in Him.

A second group of pew warmers, phlegmatic in personality, often haverepparttar 126889 gift of helps. Once they scurried all over God's house, doing countless unnoticed deeds ... until they joined a legalistic church.

If they have to measure up to serve their God, they'll sit there ‘tilrepparttar 126890 cows come home. They don't care if you call them dirty names, like ‘Back Slider’. They know who they are, a lot healthier than some of us.

We're not going to see them move, unless it's outrepparttar 126891 door, until our hearts are ready to receive them as already valuable members.

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