Precious Stones V.S. Semi-Precious Stones

Written by Sam Serio

Stones have been worn by both women and men since prehistoric times. Just as inrepparttar jewelry of modern times, beautiful stones, rare and colorful, are most oftenrepparttar 145917 dominant feature of a piece with a metallic setting for ornamentation.

The stones used inrepparttar 145918 crafting of fine jewelry are generally divided into two classes- precious stones and semi-precious stones.

These terms are used heavily inrepparttar 145919 commercial world of jewelry when considering variety and value. While artistic merits are only a matter of opinion,repparttar 145920 value of a stone is what it will bring inrepparttar 145921 marketplace. It should also be mentioned that many people, collectors and general consumers alike, preferrepparttar 145922 rare torepparttar 145923 beautiful.

These stones are simply rocks (minerals) taken fromrepparttar 145924 earth, and after they have been enhanced byrepparttar 145925 artisans cutting and polishing,repparttar 145926 finest and rarest of them are what we call gems.

Precious Stones

The most precious stones arerepparttar 145927 diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. The pearl is oftentimes classed with precious stones. Although strictly speaking while it is not a stone it holds an esteemed place in jewelry.

What Should You Know About Summer Sandals?

Written by Diana Claire

Itís summer time! Have you had any plan yet? How would you spend this summer holidays? Spending them with friends, family, or just with your loved one? Well, you can do almost anything. Just donít forget to bring your summer sandal wherever you go!

Let's find out more about these sandals, and how come it has this name. As has been described in encyclopedia, sandals are an open type of footwear. Sandals can be made of rope, rubber, leather, wood or combination of those materials. Obviously summer sandals are light and casual footwear you going to find during summer. It can made of any materials based on your favor.

Find Your Summer Sandals

Summer sandal? Yes, enjoy your summer with stylish, comfy footwear that will make you feel relaxed duringrepparttar holidays. Throw away your fatigue after months of hard work and enjoyrepparttar 145916 feast right away!

So, have you bought any summer sandal yet? If not, here are some tips you should be aware of before buying a new pair. The first thing is your foot should coverrepparttar 145917 lining ofrepparttar 145918 sandal; yet donít extend overrepparttar 145919 front or back ofrepparttar 145920 sandal.

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