Precious Stones-The Big Five-Part 2 The Ruby

Written by Sam Serio

What fairy tales of enchanted princesses and legendary lore ofrepparttar Arabian Nights does notrepparttar 146273 mere mention ofrepparttar 146274 ruby conjure up to our imagination! No stone has been more intimately connected with poetry and romance, and few gems can compare either in beauty or value with a perfect ruby. When Solomon exclaimed that “a virtuous woman was more valuable than rubies,” and Job, that “the price of wisdom is above rubies,” they both mentioned what to them wasrepparttar 146275 most valuable thing in existence. And its value and rarity have not decreased since their time. Today a perfect ruby of five carats will fetch at least five timesrepparttar 146276 value of a diamond ofrepparttar 146277 same size and quality, while rubies without flaw or blemish, and ofrepparttar 146278 true pigeon-blood variety, weighing as much as ten carats, are so rare and valuable that ten timesrepparttar 146279 value of a perfect diamond would be considered a very low price to pay for so perfect a gem.

The ruby isrepparttar 146280 oldest or first known of all precious stones, dating far back inrepparttar 146281 early history of Chaldea and Babylonia. The finest specimens, as well asrepparttar 146282 largest quantities, are found in Upper Burma, and atrepparttar 146283 present time over one-half ofrepparttar 146284 world’s supply comes from this locality. The rubies found in Ceylon, Siam and Australia have notrepparttar 146285 deep rich color ofrepparttar 146286 Burmese ruby which is a shade of red slightly inclined torepparttar 146287 purple and is often called “Pigeon Blood Ruby.” The value of rubies depends upon their color and transparency.

The red sapphire or ruby isrepparttar 146288 most valuable ofrepparttar 146289 corundum family, and when found of a good color, pure and brilliant, and in sizes of one carat and larger, it is much more valuable than a fine diamond ofrepparttar 146290 same size.

Rubies and Sapphires are scientificallyrepparttar 146291 same stone, differing only in color. Corundum,repparttar 146292 predominating mineral of both, is composed of nearly pure alumina. The coloring substance, which differentiates rubies and sapphires, is believed to be chromium. Inrepparttar 146293 scale of hardnessrepparttar 146294 gem ranks as No. 9 and is thusrepparttar 146295 hardest of all substances exceptingrepparttar 146296 diamond. Color isrepparttar 146297 most important factor in determiningrepparttar 146298 value ofrepparttar 146299 ruby. The gem is always more or less imperfect, but its freedom from bad imperfections is also important. Since fine rubies of all sizes are extremely rare,repparttar 146300 price increases very rapidly with an increase in size, and a fine ruby of more than four carats commands an extraordinary price and can be said to berepparttar 146301 most valuable of all gems, exceeding greatly a diamond of equal weight. The color ofrepparttar 146302 ruby varies fromrepparttar 146303 lightest rose tint torepparttar 146304 deepest carmine, butrepparttar 146305 rarest and most valuable shade is known as Pigeon Blood. This isrepparttar 146306 color of arterial blood. The ruby has always been greatly admired, and many say thatrepparttar 146307 ruby inrepparttar 146308 British Crown isrepparttar 146309 most beautiful gem they have ever seen.

How the Internet Helps Musicians

Written by Scott Richards

Everyone talks aboutrepparttar negative impact ofrepparttar 145851 Internet onrepparttar 145852 music business. Illegal file sharing and copyright violations have decimatedrepparttar 145853 profits inrepparttar 145854 industry. Record labels are less willing to take risks with new artists becauserepparttar 145855 profits have dried up. Sales have steadily declined overrepparttar 145856 past several years to in large part torepparttar 145857 proliferation of illegal downloads. All of that is true, but there are two sides to this coin. Sure, things are tougher today forrepparttar 145858 new musician than ever before, but there are also new opportunities thanks torepparttar 145859 Internet.

The Internet has reducedrepparttar 145860 barriers to entry intorepparttar 145861 music business. Today thanks torepparttar 145862 rapid evolution in technology, a musician can record a song and share it with listeners aroundrepparttar 145863 world. Inrepparttar 145864 past, distribution was controlled byrepparttar 145865 record labels. Unless you had a record deal it was almost impossible to reach listeners outside of your immediate area.

Distribution was not only controlled, but there was no way aroundrepparttar 145866 high costs of physical distribution. Manufacturing a batch of CDs or tapes could be prohibitively expensive forrepparttar 145867 starving artist. However, with free MP3 distribution viarepparttar 145868 internet, an artist’s music can reach acrossrepparttar 145869 world. An up and coming Latin diva can share her tunes with someone in Europe. The next rock star in Africa can share his music with someone in Japan. The Internet has opened a door that allows artists to share their art with anyone, anywhere, at any time.

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