Pre Season Football Betting

Written by Daniel B. King

So you want to betrepparttar Pre Season? Or maybe you don't! But betting on pre season football can be a profitable time for bettors.

The most common error is that, in betting terms, bettors treatrepparttar 149552 pre season likerepparttar 149553 regular season, when in fact they are two very different things.

Think about it - duringrepparttar 149554 regular season everything is onrepparttar 149555 line, jobs, reputations - for players and coaches - their very existence.

Duringrepparttar 149556 pre-season - nothing is really onrepparttar 149557 line. The pre season is not about 'winning' really (for most coaches) it is about sorting out your team, it's about finding out who is best played where -repparttar 149558 players a coach intends using. It is a time for experimentation.

Even if a coach has a fair idea of who he wants to play and how he wants to play - why let on torepparttar 149559 opposing team?

Well there are occasions where a new coach might do this - some new coaches like to win to impress their owners and get off to flying start..

Time for Brown, Pistons to break up

Written by John Onan

This relationship has allrepparttar plotlines of a soap opera, orrepparttar 149551 Jerry Springer Show depending on your tastes. You haverepparttar 149552 Casanova (Brown) who has been with allrepparttar 149553 chicks (NBA and NCAA basketball teams). He falls in love a couple years back withrepparttar 149554 newest fling (the Pistons). And it looks like he’s just about ready to settle down into a life of monogamy untilrepparttar 149555 young hottie inrepparttar 149556 Daisy Dukes (Lebron’s Cavs) begin their flirtatious ways. But, after that would-be couple doesn’t come to fruition,repparttar 149557 legendary Broadway starlet (the Knicks) is soon waiting inrepparttar 149558 wings to catch Larryrepparttar 149559 Casanova onrepparttar 149560 basketball rebound.

Okay, enough withrepparttar 149561 dramatics. But, this whole Larry andrepparttar 149562 Pistons saga have almost gotten this silly. Larry wantsrepparttar 149563 team to “wait for him” during his treatment for bladder problems. One day, it’s a crisis;repparttar 149564 next day, it’s not. If it’s not his physical condition, Larry is upset thatrepparttar 149565 team doesn’t “appreciate” him. And you wonder why I compare this to something you’d see on afternoon television, just no “baby mommas” and DNA tests, please. It’s time for these two sides to break up “mutually” on “good terms” onrepparttar 149566 basis of “irreconcilable differences”.

Larry Brown gaverepparttar 149567 Pistons what they wanted, andrepparttar 149568 Pistons didrepparttar 149569 same for Brown. Detroit is on top ofrepparttar 149570 NBA world, by winningrepparttar 149571 Championship in ’04, and almost repeating in ’05. This squad has free agents to resign, young players like Darko Milocic to develop, and if this pissing match inrepparttar 149572 public continues,repparttar 149573 Dynasty window in Detroit will begin to close much quicker than it should. It’s a testament to those players how well they stayed focused duringrepparttar 149574 Playoffs when Brown had one foot already outrepparttar 149575 door.

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