Prayer in Schools

Written by Joyce C. Lock

Flaws in government fall back onrepparttar church, as, divided, we have no voice. Many have mixed thoughts in voting for prayer in schools.

Do we want government to teach religion to our children? The next question being, "Which religion?" Once that's considered, "Absolutely not!" Then, why pay taxes for satanic literature offered in school libraries?

While some home school, others teach how to be inrepparttar 132478 world without being likerepparttar 132479 world. Still yet, most leave teachings to schools and church.

With God excommunicated from schools, what about children who'll otherwise never hear about Him? In fulfillingrepparttar 132480 Great Commission, aren't we accountable for them? God sacrificed His son for us. Couldn't we sacrifice to train our children instead of fearing what schools might teach?

Do we prefer our children sharing such things asrepparttar 132481 use of condoms or their faith in God? Whenever we give away their religious freedom, we'll always lose.

History gives evidence torepparttar 132482 fall of government and society whenever God is cast aside. Wherever God isn't only allows room for Satan.

Oh, Brother!

Written by Joyce C. Lock

~ * ~

Sticks and stones may break my bones. But, words come back to haunt me.

When we're not right with ourselves, We’re not right withrepparttar world, And we're not right with our God.

It happens torepparttar 132475 best of us, Brings outrepparttar 132476 worst in us, And effectsrepparttar 132477 rest of us.

When we tend to our soul, The tongue takes care of itself.

~ * ~

A perfect world is a world without sin. A perfect church isrepparttar 132478 one you're not in.

A mirror is only as beautiful as its' reflection.

God so loved us that we could love each other.

Changing your world begins in your heart.

~ * ~

God isn't too proud to rummage through garbage dumps, As some of His best handiwork is made out of junk.

God didn't call us to be someone else.

If we take two steps forward and one step back, We’re still going forward.

It makes no difference how one is qualified, As faithful is He who calls you, who also will do it. For, it is God who builds HIS church.

God makes all things beautiful, in His time. Isn't it about time we let Him?

If you want to know what Jesus would do, Just ask yourself, "Is it Love?"

~ * ~

It would help us all to consider that (anytime we are not listening forrepparttar 132479 Spirit, Walking inrepparttar 132480 Spirit, followingrepparttar 132481 Spirit) we are sitting on God's throne.

When God decides a matter, The first place He will start is not uponrepparttar 132482 circumstance. He looks uponrepparttar 132483 heart.

Know what you believe because you heard it from God.

"Man looks onrepparttar 132484 outward appearance, butrepparttar 132485 Lord looks onrepparttar 132486 heart." Except God gives usrepparttar 132487 ability to see man's heart, we're way out of our league. "Judge not, that ye be not judged," is a pretty specific warning for us all.

Not forgetting we're also human, Why not give others a break and love them anyway?

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