Practical Ways To Save Money When Shopping Online

Written by Chileshe Mwape

There are various ways to save money while shopping online. You can save hundreds or even thousands a year by comparing prices on various products and services before deciding to buy.

To make informed choices when buying products, you need information onrepparttar price, quality andrepparttar 141158 types of products available. You can get this information by shopping around - either directly, or by going to a number of different websites and comparing what is on offer. Look atrepparttar 141159 prices and then weigh up what you will get for your money before you make up your mind.

1. Use shopping bots Shopping bots are essentially search engines for gathering prices for products from a variety of vendors. They allow you to quickly search for merchandise across a wide variety of sites. They are an effective way to quickly get a feel forrepparttar 141160 available deals. Most experts recommend using at least three different shopping bots. Some popular ones include Froogle, BizRate, DealTime (, MySimon, PriceScan, PriceGrabber and

2. Use Discount Sites / Bargain sites These are general discount sites where you'll find deals on everything from clothing and digital cameras to diamond earrings. They get excess merchandise from other retailers and sellrepparttar 141161 merchandise at bargain prices. Examples of bargain sites include Overstock and Smartbargains.

Using the internet to manage your family’s finance

Written by Rachel Lane

The effectiveness of managing family finances has never been more significant, as parents struggle to find a balance between work and family life. A recent study by Mother and Baby magazine has found that new parents are getting less sleep than previous generations, with new mums struggling to manage their exhaustion.

Whilst there is no technological solution to sleepless nights as yet, it is possible to assign many tasks which were once only possible through physical movement, torepparttar internet, such as shopping and banking. No longer do you have to worry about co-ordinatingrepparttar 141140 demands of screaming children with your weekly shopping list or about missingrepparttar 141141 bank at 5:01pm. Whatever issues you may face with your child, there are plenty of websites collating advice from parents aroundrepparttar 141142 world, such as and

There are websites such as offering financial advice and support, and financial comparison sites such as,

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